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Anthony Vech

Anthony Vecchiarello

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Graduated from SUNY New Paltz with a BA in Journalism, Anthony got a slow start on his career and held a couple of side part time jobs. During college, he was a Multimedia Editor/Staff Writer for The Little Rebellion, a guest host on New Paltz Critics, the campus station for WNPC-TV and a Music Programmer for Sirius XM Radio Inc. His first post-college break was writing for Joe Rodeo Magazine, and then Ultimate Athlete Magazine. These publications expanded his horizons in written material, social media and Content Management Systems (CMS). Anthony’s brush with fame came in September 2013 when he interviewed and wrote a Q&A story on the star (Katie Tardif) of a hit reality TV show for ABC Family called, The Vineyard. During the summer of 2014, he assisted in Board Operating for LI News Radio (103.9 FM) until the shows subsequently canceled. In September 2014, he started writing his own blog on Word Press which received much praise, gaining 700 followers in the first two weeks of its launch. He currently has nearly 2000 publicized followers. On April 23, 2015, Anthony had his most site views of 140, and site visits of 89. The blog helped Anthony channel his talents in writing about pop culture, music, TV, film, video games, entertainment, tech products, poetry, advice columns, and food. It was the success and internet presence of the blog that garnered Anthony’s recognition by a Chief Writer from, now Anthony has another venue with He hopes that his efforts in contributing to PPcorn will catapult him into a full-time job with either them or similar conglomerate in pop culture news, where he reigns supreme. Finding a local newspaper where he can report and write would also be helpful.

His hobbies consist of reading up on pop culture, checking social media, playing video games and listening to music from his over 10,000 song iTunes Library. He published his debut novella on Amazon in an e-book format titled, Stay Awhile. Purchase it now for 2.99 on Amazon here, He plans on publishing a sequel and possibly turning it into a trilogy. Anthony even has a fantasy saga novel in the works. The fantasy novel is inspired by: Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings, and the Final Fantasy video game franchise. Through and through, Anthony is a big kid at heart who yearns for a fun and exciting life and hopes to take up surfing someday.


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