Update: Due to its excessive length, Bound by Fate: The Promised Land will be split into two different books. The first book is now called, Bound by Fate: A Fugitive’s Journey and Bound by Fate: The Promised Land. The cover image below is for Bound by Fate: The Promised Land. Bound by Fate: A Fugitive’s Journey has yet to have a cover image.

For the past twelve years, I’ve been working on an epic fantasy novel. Last week, was when I’ve finally completed the first draft. I am currently in the process of editing this extensive work of literature. No date of when it will be released, but given the global Coronavirus/COVID-19 it will only be released as an eBook on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing for 90 days until it will be submitted to wider online distributors.

Those interested in receiving a free copy before its release will need to agree upon writing an honest review prior to its release.

Image Credit: Janiel Escueta @Fiverr.com

Title: Bound by Fate: The Promised Land

Author: Anthony Vecchiarello

Cover Designer: Janiel Escueta

Genre: Fantasy

Bound by Fate: A Fugitive’s Journey Synopsis: In a distant galaxy and in a distant time from Earth, the world of Luxia rests at the year 525 H.E. (Human Existence). On the fatal night of a disaster in the city of Chevix, Axel Handler, a young inmate suffering from amnesia, looks up at the stars and witnesses a vision of him leading a group of strangers he’s never met, to the Promised Land, a mystical place rumored to be myth and legend which uncovers truths as well as revealing knowledge about the world, the universe, the past, present, and future and peoples’ purpose in life.

Meanwhile, Princess Eva Portiere looks up from her castle balcony and witnesses a similar vision for which she sees her future through mystical mirrors while standing next to people she’s never met before.

On the same night, Jinx Taylor, a leader of the poor and angry citizens prepares for an attack on the castle to dethrone the Chevix ruler, Chancellor Armando Portiere.

The survivors of this disaster, come together from all different backgrounds: a prisoner, a princess, a servant, a prince, a freedom fighter, a soldier, and a blacksmith, to pursue the city’s Chancellor who is suspected of committing the crime and to find who is responsible. To also discover their new purpose in life and to grieve the loss of their loved ones. For this, they begin embarking on a long journey across Luxia to the Promised Land.

Please stay tuned for more updates on the projected release of Bound by Fate: A Fugitive’s Journey and Bound by Fate: The Promised Land.

Email me at anthonyvecch88@gmail.com if you’re interested in receiving a free digital copy in exchange for providing an honest review before its release. Flyers will be posted over social media once the book is edited.

In the meantime, stay home, stay well, stay safe, and continue reading. Thank you.