The remake to the third installment in the Resident Evil franchise which originally came out in 1999 and originally called Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, was released earlier this year as Resident Evil 3 and received mixed reviews as opposed to last year’s success with Resident Evil 2 Remake. This time, you play one campaign where you play as Jill Valentine after the events of the Spencer Mansion from Resident Evil in which she desperately attempts to escape the zombie infested city streets of Raccoon City while being chased by an omnipotent monster, Nemesis. You have a brief time when you get to play as Carlos Oliveira, a surviving member of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (U.B.C.S.). Warning, below are spoilers, so if you haven’t played it and want to, I would suggest not reading further. If you don’t care then read on.

Years ago, I played the original on the PlayStation 1 and felt it was better than this remake. Resident Evil 3 Remake seemed very rushed. It was a game that was even shorter than the original which compared to other installments was already shorter. However, the most disappointing feature was what they did with Nemesis in the remake as opposed to the original. Nemesis acts more like the cut scene juggernaut from Mr. X in the original Resident Evil 2 than the unpredictable and sporadic Nemesis from the original Resident Evil 3: Nemesis who is much more terrifying. The game developers have also did away with the choices from the original which made it interesting for the story. Due to the short length of the game, the developers added an online multiplayer inspired Escape Room Resident Evil game called, Resident Evil Resistance which is filled with so many glitches, bugs, and lagging that it is seemingly unplayable. I tried to play a little of the online game and got frustrated really quickly. The replay value on that game is short lived. However, the graphics and game play for what you get during Resident Evil 3 is impressive. I like the quick roll dodge and I like how you can keep the same knife with you throughout the whole game. The brief time I played throughout the few decrepit blocks of Raccoon City was interesting and fun. However, this game left out some key aspects of the first game. Such as exploring the Clock Tower, this was turned into a boss battle, no Raccoon Park, and therefore no Gravedigger boss fight. The Gas Station was showcased during a brief cut scene and there weren’t that many streets to roam around in. However, there was a brief moment playing inside R.P.D. station which was fun and they explain how Marvin Branagh gets bit. They even removed Brad Vickers’ death from Nemesis in the remake. In regards to Nemesis, the only time he was menacing was when he was chasing you around the Raccoon City streets which did not last long. Surprisingly, the best part of the game is the first hour. The game is short enough to be beaten within three hours. In my first run, I took my time to soak in the experience. Comparing this game to Resident Evil 2 Remake, this is more action oriented and has less puzzles. As puzzles are few and far between.

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First I streamed the Resident Evil 3 demo which was a lot of fun.

Next is the Standard Difficulty for Resident Evil 3 playthrough.

Next set of videos maybe a bit confusing, but it is all from one campaign on Hard Difficulty with Jill’s original S.T.A.R.S. uniform from the first Resident Evil game. The reason why there are multiple shorter videos is because I was attempting to stream on Twitch and the broadcast kept abruptly ending due to the high volume of players streaming on Twitch at once. Then I uploaded the Twitch videos to my YouTube channel. Moving forward, I’m going to stick with streaming from YouTube.

Note: This first video I started slightly into the game and these videos at times had issues with the picture due to Twitch stream not working properly on the PS4.

Unfortunately, the next video was deleted due to not being able to play on YouTube. So the next part after that is when you play as Carlos in the Hospital.

If you watch the end of the last video you might notice that I did not finish the game. I rage quit as I got frustrated at the final boss fight on hardcore mode. And I stopped caring. This game had a lot of hype and promise from the success of Resident Evil 2 Remake, but it fell flat for me.

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