As promised, I’m going to be posting my YouTube gaming stream videos on my blog. Today, we talk about Resident Evil 2 Remake. Two years ago and about a month after it was first announced at the 2018 E3, I made this post here at mediaispunk/residentevil2remakediscussion.

Fortunately, the video game lived up to all its hype and has replay value to this day. If I had to nitpick one thing about the Resident Evil 2 Remake is there was less variety between the A and B scenarios for both Leon and Claire campaigns. A crowning gem of the game in my opinion is what they did with Mr. X, the Terminator-like Tyrant that chases you all throughout Raccoon City Police Department which turned the game into a more terrifying haunted house attraction at Universal Studios. There was an added strategy and fear that the pounding footsteps echoing throughout the derelict hallways would catch up to you. Though, Mr. X had some courtesy which enabled you to be safe from him in certain rooms like an invisible barrier or spell such as in the Dark/Break Room on the first floor, the Interrogation Room on the first floor, S.T.A.R.S. Office on the second floor, Clock Tower on the third floor, Boiler Room (Leon Only) which is outside and the Chief’s Office (Claire Only) on the first floor.

I’ll let the streams talk for themselves. First up is the 1-Shot Demo which was a timed trial that gave players only 30 minutes to try and complete the demo. This was released just before the full game. However, whatever time was wasted, you were unable to get that back. The sense of time ticking made the stream ever more anxiety-provoking. Please be aware, there are a lot of expletives and cursing along with violence and gore in these videos which should only be watched by an adult. Thank you and enjoy the streams. If you like the videos, please subscribe and click the notification bell on my Antzombieslayer YouTube channel.

Resident Evil 2 1-Shot Demo

Leon A Campaign Scenario on Standard Difficulty

There was never a part 4 stream of the first Leon A Standard play-through due to frustration from the second G William Birkin boss battle. I wound up finishing the rest of the campaign without streaming it.

Next, we have the last part of Claire A scenario I felt like streaming. I did not stream her earlier parts of the game. I also did not stream the Claire B scenario on Standard difficulty after completing Leon A scenario.

Final Part of Claire A Scenario Standard Difficulty

Next up, I was excited again to stream so I completed all of Leon B scenario on Standard Difficulty below.

Claire A Scenario on Hardcore Difficulty

The next set of video streams were to primarily have fun and destroy as many monsters in the game. This time, Leon was the scariest thing in the game. This was on Leon A Scenario on Assisted Difficulty.

Then, I wanted to challenge myself again so I streamed the Leon B Scenario on Hardcore Difficulty. However, I did not start streaming this campaign until before the first G William Birkin boss fight which was after my first ink ribbon save. I don’t know why.

Some Bonus DLC content like The 4th Survivor (play as HUNK) and Ghost Survivors (play as Robert Kendo).

Well, there you have it for now. I still need to play Leon A and Claire B Hardcore Difficulty which I’ll be using the 98′ skins from the original Resident Evil 2 that was on the PlayStation 1. Also, I’ve order a PlayStation 4 Camera, so you’ll be able to see my face and my hear my voice during the stream.

1998 Skins Photo Credit: PSX Brasil

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