Update: New logo for Antzombieslayer channel. I saved a lot of money by paying a freelance graphic designer on Fiverr.com.

Hello readers and welcome back! It’s been quite a long time since I’ve posted anything on mediaispunk.com. I appreciate your patience and appreciate your support as always. I have not forgotten you.

First update: Been working tediously on editing and revising my first fantasy novel series titled, “Bound by Fate”. If you have checked out my blog before you probably have seen the post about this book and its synopsis. There’s been some recent changes. For one, I have decided to split the first book originally called, “Bound by Fate: The Promised Land”, now into two books due to its massive length. First two books will now be called, “Bound by Fate Book I: A Fugitive’s Journey” and “Bound by Fate Book II: The Promised Land”. Note, I currently have an editor that I am working closely with and am working to get this series traditionally published.

Second update: I have re-branded my YouTube channel which due to recent life changes from COVID-19 pandemic, been live streaming a multitude of video games from PlayStation 4. My YouTube channel, once a self titled name, is now called, “Antzombieslayer“.

You can check out my YouTube channel from this link: Antzombieslayer. When you do, please subscribe, click that notification bell sign, and when you check out one of my videos, please like and add a comment. Tell me what you think. I’m always curious to know.

With your support of my blog, you will be a major help in improving traffic to my YouTube channel. I have updated the YouTube link on the home page and have just added a “Streams” page as well. Any posts coming from YouTube will also be turned into streaming posts here. I have already streamed on YouTube video games the likes of: Resident Evil series, The Last of Us Remastered, Alien: Isolation (Still Currently Playing), Fortnite, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Final Fantasy VII Remake (Demo), Kingdom Hearts III, Fallout 4, Days Gone, Little Nightmares, SOMA, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Marvel Spider-Man, Batman Arkham Knight, and many more!

Stay tuned for more content to be published on mediaispunk.com. The stream posts will be based on the full game experience in which I’ll be uploading the videos from YouTube from each part of the play-through. Note, these streams are recordings of the game-play as well as my vocal commentary.

Third update: As an aspiring voice actor I have also added and updated links to Voice123 and BTVA or Behind the Voice Actors. There are a plethora of auditions that I have submitted to fan based projects in which I have currently been cast for multiple roles in an ambitious fan-based Batman project called, “Batman: Dark Crusader“. I’ll be voicing Batman/Bruce Wayne, Commissioner Gordon, Deathstroke, Jack Ryder, and the Creeper. I’ll provide you with additional updates in the future. Here is the link that project: btva/batmandarkcrusader.

If you have any questions, you are more than free to submit a comment. I thank you for your years of support. During this difficult time, please stay well, social distance, and wear a mask. Thank you all!