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Coming in 2020, the next book to be published will be, Bound By Fate: The Promised Land.

This book is an epic fantasy in the first part of a trilogy. It takes place in the mystical world of Luxia, a planet similar to ours.

Axel Handler, a young man suffering from amnesia wakes up inside an underground prison, not knowing how he got there or anything about his past. He looks up at the sky and experiences a vision of traveling to the Promised Land, a place of all knowing, knowledge of one’s own purpose, their past, present, and future.

Within the royal city of Chevix is Princess Eva’s wedding night where she experiences the same vision. A civil war breaks out between the castle and the city’s commoners who’ve been suffering by the hands of the ruthless leader, Chancellor Armando Porterie. Led by Jinx Taylor, she brings a blitzkrieg assault against the defenses of the castle and the Chevic army.

The ensuing battle frees Axel from his cage for which he escapes to a nearby town, Cardigan. A few others survive the battle and escape the city before a nuclear bomb goes off, denoted by the Chancellor before he escapes.

Six survivors along with a seventh member join together to form a squad from all different backgrounds (A prisoner, Princess, revolutionist, servant, soldier, Prince, and a Blacksmith) to begin their journey to the Promised Land where they can use the knowledge from the mystical place to find where the Chancellor is hiding and to resolve each of their own singular life goals.

Axel leads the group across the world, venturing through the lands experiencing external and internal conflict to find the place, known by others to be myth and legend. Axel wants remember who he is, where he came from, where he needs to go in his life, and to bring the Chancellor to justice for the crimes he has committed against the innocent.