With Game of Thrones being a very polarizing season this year, within the next hour will commence the series finale. I’m not here to complain about the season or say that it should be rewritten according to a recent 300,000 signature online petition. Look fanboys and fangirls, the studio, production company, and writers work really hard to make this show epic. People need to chill!

Anyway, last week’s episode titled, “The Bells”, spoiler warning, it was shocking to discover that heroine Daenerys Targaryen had become the series’ worst villain as the Mad Queen that she had been avoiding for 8 seasons. In her rage on after Kings Landing had surrendered defeat to Dany and her army, she began a deadly bombastic siege of decimating nearly all of life inside the high walls of the seven kingdom’s capitol, killing Lannister men, innocent men, women, and children. I understand her grief and anguish, but was a slaughter a justifiable punishment? I think not. Executing Cersei Lannister and her administration would have been enough. She’s gone too far and now there is no turning back. So what will happen next?

Jon Snow will kill Dany.

This theory for one I most support. Jon Snow aka Aegon Targaryen has realized the terror ways of Dany and must rewrite history by slaying the new Mad King, in this scenario, Mad Queen. This could explain why he was brought back to life by Melissandre due to his Targaryen blood and ability to get passed her last dragon, Drogon (he’s unable to be burned by fire), before delivering the final blow. And as a result will he survive his attempt?

Arya Stark will kill Dany.

Melissandre had mentioned to Arya Stark during the Battle of Winterfell that she would assassinate someone with each different eye color. I believe she mentioned she would kill someone with “Green Eyes”. Dany potentially has green eyes. Then yet, Arya already killed the Night King so it be silly for her to kill off two of the biggest baddies in the entire series within one season.

Sansa Stark eventually sits on the Iron Throne.

In recent seasons, Sansa Stark has become a major player in the chess part of the game of thrones. Sansa’s strategic approach to everything is what kept her alive thus far, as she was taught well by her evil stepmother Cersei Lannister (now deceased thankfully). After all of these attempts to stop Dany, will Sansa Stark claim the iron throne, but as a fair and just Queen that will remove the Monarchy and introduce a Democracy.

Jon Snow becomes the new Night King.

One of the writer’s on this blog started a Reddit feed claiming that the closing credits of the series will end with Jon Snow’s eye turning ice blue, like the Night King. He said since he’s Jon Snow (Snow of Snow) and his Pop Figure was next to the Night King’s Pop Figure in a store then it must be coincidental. I think this is highly implausible since Arya Stark killed the Night King and all of its wights included. Plus, there are no more children of the forest to create a new Night King. If this theory comes true, I’ve lost total fate in this show.

Everyone dies.

This would be a very depressing ending, but more fitting to the type of show Game of Thrones has been over the years. Take example points: Ned Stark’s beheading in Season 1, the Red Wedding in Season 3, Joffrey’s and Oberyn Martell’s (Red Viper) deaths in Season 4, Jon Snow’s death in Season 5, the downfall of Ramsey Bolton and Dreadfort along with the explosion of the Great Sept of Baelor, the destruction of Kings Landing in season 8, and so on and so forth. This ending would take a morbid approach like the ending of all Shakespearean plays. Even in this ending I still feel that Samwell Tarley will outlive everyone.

What do you think? Place your suggests in the comments below. There is only one hour to go.