September 14, 2009

After having released a series of successful albums, Plans seems to be a jump start career into the mainstream. For many years, Death Cab For Cutie have shown much talent within the indie world and are now lucky enough to be more known. For those who followed the band religiously throughout the years may say that the Plans album is much more serious and a bit depressing at times. However, what really seems to be the song to bring them to the radio is, “Soul Meets Body”. “Soul Meets Body” has a smooth soft rock rhythm that makes it an easy listen. The lyrics create a cache tune that people and fans will remember. The melody can be described as a warm summer day, mainly made to make listeners feel warmth, comfort and a sense of hope. Another song, “I Will Follow You Into The Dark”, is a slow form of ballad that hints an image of beauty and a tearjerker. However, the next track, “Your Heart Is An Empty Room”, tends to have a more uplifting, and rebellious feel within the boundaries of a soft rock band. “Your Heart Is An Empty Room”, has the flow of a chase which combines the melody, rhythm and lyrics to create a poetic piece. Their first track, “Marching Bands of Manhattan”, demonstrates the perfect beginning to an album. Plans is an easy way for new listeners to become new fans and have the name Death Cab For Cutie stuck in their minds.

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