Nov 15 2014

Maroon 5’s second single titled, “Animals,” comes from their fifth studio album, V. “Animals” made its original global debut on August 22, 2014. This was the first time Maroon 5 diverged from their former label, A&M/Octane to join Interscope. This 3 minute and 49 second song brings a more carefree vibe compared to their first single, “Maps,” on V, which is more of a ballad.

“Animals,” in the simplest form, is a guilty pleasure. It sure is not the greatest song, but a fun one at best. I can easily see this single being blasted from large DJ speakers, inside a lit up, sprawling club. The fast and festive beats, along with the sexually derogatory lyrics, paints a picture of youths hooking up during a night of drinking. Go to any club or bar on Friday/Saturday night and I’m sure “Animals” will be playing over large rambunctious crowds, endless drink orders, and annoyed bouncers.

The “animal” aspect of the song is the natural instinct in all humans when we lust for the opposite or same sex, whatever suits you. Adam Levine’s feminine voice rings to a high pitch and he begins with creepy vocals, “Baby I’m preying on you tonight / hunt you down, eat you alive / just like animals / animals…” The next verse follows with more awkward storytelling such as, “Maybe you think that you can hide / I can smell your scent for miles / just like animals / animals…” The song’s brutal honesty goes to, “I love your lies / I’ll eat ‘em up / but don’t deny the animal / that comes alive when I’m inside you.” It is clear that the singer is trying to win over a girl who is playing hard to get. The man’s own ego and confidence denies him of the rejection he’s received. Adam is playing off someone who won’t answer to “no.”

Another theory the single suggests, is that no matter what a female says, sometimes there are certain men they will always gravitate towards; even if that calls for an illogical result. The “animal” that is inside us all cannot be tamed. The instrumentation sound extremely pop-y and could appear in any Katy PerryTaylor Swift, or Miley Cyrus song. The drums and synthesizers keep at a medium pace. The only things that stand out in this single are Levine’s confident voice, promiscuous lyrics, and a consistent dance beat that won’t quit. “Animals” is a highly catchy tune that is like the paparazzi: it’ll come hollering fast, until fading out of the limelight. It is fun for now, but eventually will be replaced by the next dance tune and ultimately be forgotten.

Voice: 4 Stars

Lyrics: 3.5 Stars

Music: 3 Stars

Originality: 2 Stars

Delivery/Presentation: 3 Stars

Summary: 3.1 Stars

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