I was walking with my friend in the woods, on a nice calm fall day, we each wore thin hooded sweat shirts and we had the need to adventure. The sun was out, the birds were chirping, and it seemed that the sun was penetrating through the trees creating an immense glow that resembled the visual spectrum, colors ranging from red to violet. In a distance about 20 feet in front of us past the thicket of trees was a large man carrying a stone in his right hand that formed into a fist. I was only able to notice the back of the man, who wore a tattered green cloth over his upper torso; a pair of old tight brown pants and a pair of brown laced sandals. From the back he had short black hair and long broad shoulders bigger than my body. Daniel and I crept towards the edge of the thicket to watch what the mysterious man was doing. It was not too clear of what we saw, but it seemed that two blue birds were flying around and pecking at him. For about a minute the man was waving his gargantuan arms around his head so they would leave but for some strange reason they would not. With the stone in his hand and one motion with his right hand he chucked the small stone at both birds that were flying close to one another. The birds cried out for help. In an instant, the two birds hit the soft soiled ground and made a large thump. We both screamed in fear and ran as far away as we can in the opposite direction. I tried to turn behind me to see if the large man heard us, I remember seeing the large figure turning around through the thick trees. From the distance of where I jogged away, the monster was a dark shadow surrounded by overwhelming sunlight. Daniel and I ran as fast as we could but the dark figure could not escape my mind. Besides the fact that there was a mysterious giant in the forest what was more bizarre was that he was able to kill two birds with one stone. After a few minutes of running through the dense woods we stopped to rest on a rock under one of the trees. We each needed time to catch our breath before the image of what we saw sunk into to our minds. “We have to tell everyone in town.” Daniel said. “Why this could be a secret between the both of us, if we tell the town their going to blow it out of proportion. Also we could get arrested just for being in the woods alone.” I explained. “Alright, we need to keep this on the down low and nobody can know about this, not even your parents or your younger sister.” Daniel responded. “Yes, so let’s promise that we won’t tell anyone even if we really want to.” I explained. That day my friend and I made the ultimate promise that we would hide the truth about the forest man.

Getting back home was like returning to my old boring life. The sweat that I acquired during the chase was covering my face and neck. My parents asked me what I was doing and I replied with a simple lie, “I was just over Daniel’s house and we played basketball for a few hours.” I went upstairs to my room and rested myself on my bed, exhausted and happy to be in a safe comfortable place. Suddenly, my little sister about 10 years old entered my room and asked me if I ever journeyed into the forest to see the tree man. Of course this isn’t the only time she bothered me. I closed my room door and told her the experience I just had with my friend. The next day I went back into the woods alone and did not find him. Over the years, I would always visit the forest and all I would find were a few dead birds lying in the ground silently as well as an ordinary stone that would be sitting a few feet away from the carrion.

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