Dated: February 11, 2015

If you were excited about this weekend’s upcoming controversial sex-driven flick, Fifty Shades of Grey, well then in the meantime, take a second glance at Miley Cyrus. In a very risqué short black and white film, Cyrus appears almost fully nude with latex strips, where she gets blindfolded and eventually covered in black paint. The surreal and provocative film titled, Tongue Tied, directed by Quentin Jones was initially going to be included in the first-ever New York City porn festival.

However, after one day, the video was removed due to her representative’s giving cryptic statements that seemed to mock the festival. A Cyrus spokesperson told Buzzfeed on Tuesday, “Miley was proud to make a film with acclaimed filmmaker Quentin Jones. Neither she nor Quentin are participating in this ‘festival’ in any way.” Jones’ film was shot last year during Cyrus’ Bangerz Tour. The video’s original plan for the festival to be a double-length cut of what is already on YouTube.

The video begins with several of Cyrus’ heads as they fade in and out of quick cuts. There is a back drum beat that plays throughout. Cyrus then licks the screen with her long tongue like a cat. She then wears cut-up photos of her own face. Next, we see her in full focus wearing a black latex bra, see-through dotted shorts, and a black latex rope around her neck. The video cuts to her wearing large fake eyelashes then back to being tied up by the neck. It seems like she is strangling herself. Things get kinky when she solely wears a black latex thong and taped “X’s” on her breasts. A cute voice introduces itself to the beat as Cyrus hangs from a pole while blindfolded. Her taped-up nipples are seemingly exposed. Her fake eyelashes have an effect like ink blots. As the provocative voice echoes, there is a montage of Cyrus being wrapped and unwrapped in latex cloths. It seems like she is pulling them apart, but the elasticity holds them together.

Halfway through the video, two parts of her body bulge out into one. Cyrus opens her mouth as it fades back to her full body. She leans back as her arms caress themselves behind her bare neck. She is blindfolded again and sticks out her tongue while showcasing an expression of ecstasy. Weird and artistic sexual patterns appear until black “X’s” are painted over Cyrus’ eyes. Soon enough, the black paint begins dripping down her body as lines of latex cloth cover up areas of her face. The video ends with her roaring and screaming while wearing a cut out photo of her eyes.

This pornographic artistic piece was very strange. I did not really understand what they were trying to do. I’m not a huge fan of Cyrus to begin with, but I believe that she’s done a perfect job of completely changing her image and evolving (or devolving) herself from the days of Hannah Montana. That Miley Cyrus is long gone.

According to the NYC Porn Film Festival website, Tongue Tied would have played behind another film about reality star Tila Tequila and another short about a youthful New York female living out sadistic fantasies among college students. The NYC Porn Film Festival, hosted by Pornhub, will be located in Bushwick, NY later this month.

Image Courtesy of Flickr 

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