For the last six months, I have been recording my video gaming from my playthrough of Alien: Isolation from a number of live stream parts and the downloadable content on my YouTube channel, Antzombieslayer. The game was played on my PlayStation 4 Slim 500 gigabyte system. The game was deathly terrifying and challenging. It involved a lot of strategies, patience, and anxiety. The Artificial Intelligence of the computer graphic monster, Xenomorph, “Alien” was unlike any boss I’ve ever encountered or fought in a game. I played on “Medium” so I had a chance of beating the game. The Alien was a formidable foe which at times outsmarted me. There were times I was able to easily get past it and other times I was completely caught off guard which added to the horrors and the moments when there was silence. Silence and the lack of a monster present also created intense fear as you were never sure if the sounds of the derelict hallways were the lurkings of a creature, an android, a desperate human, or the sounds of the station. This had to be one of the scariest and most stressful experiences I ever had in a video game. The only letdown I felt was the seemingly anticlimatic and ambiguous ending in which I had to read up on to understand what happened after. I felt they left out too much in the end as everything you go through doesn’t seem much of a payoff. Regardless, the game was amazing and one of the most visceral experiences I ever had. I really felt like I was inside a Ridley Scott/James Cameron film.

In Alien: Isolation you play as Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley’s (Sigourney Weaver) daughter who after the events of the first Alien went missing after the Nostromo disappeared 15 years ago. Now an adult, Amanda Ripley is told of a chance to find the whereabouts of her mother after all the years of her missing. Amanda Ripley goes on the Torrens with a crew to get to Svestopol Space Station. The setting of the game takes place at the station orbiting around the planet KG-348 (different than the planet in Alien and Aliens which is LV-426). When Ripley arrives at the station all hell breaks loose as it is discovered after a few segments in the game that a highly intelligent extraterrestrial lifeform has contaminated itself into the station after one of the researchers exploring an alien ship was attacked by a “face-hugger”, which implanted an alien embryo in her stomach which is the same type of creature that attacked Kane (John Hurt) on the Nostromo from the Alien movie. The alien embryo eventually exploded out of the woman’s chest in which it went loose out on the station. And like the movie, the alien was able to grow to full adult size within a short span of time as it violently massacred the inhabitants inside. The Xenomorph eventually begins to hunt you throughout the entire game. The best thing to do is to keep quiet by crouching the majority of the time, hiding if needed, and throwing distractions in order to evade and move on to the next section. The Alien is unable to be killed. At some point in the game, you acquire a flamethrower which can temporarily stun the creature as it doesn’t like fire so it leaves you alone for a bit by climbing back into the air vents in the ceiling.

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First time using the camera!
Switched to scan lines setting, felt it fit well for the game.
My first fancy thumbnail. I made this using Canva app.
Early in the video I could not stop laughing

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