17 Nov 14

Nicki Minaj had caused much buzz and controversy in the news back in 2014. Her second single titled “Anaconda,” from her album, The Pinkprint which released on December 15, 2014, raised the bar for sexual content in music videos. Whether you’re attracted or disgusted by it, the “Anaconda” music video that debuted in August of 2014, demonstrated twerking at its best. And Nicki Minaj flaunted out her biggest assets, the booty.

The music video opens to a beautiful rain forest, birds chirping, and lions roaring. The scene pans out to Nicki and her four curvy back-up dancers wearing tight two pieces. A sample from Sir Mix A Lot’s, “Baby Got Back” begins playing, “My Anaconda don’t/my anaconda don’t/ my anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun.” All you can see are shaking big asses, pineapples, bananas, and a hefty amount of product placements. Nicki wearing a thin black bottom and golden laced bra begins rapping while promiscuously twerking on the floor, laying her bare legs across a bridge, like a stripper to even dry humping her dancers. This is the first time we see Nicki stripping away her colorful and fashion sense image. The song’s booty really picks up at one minute in. Nicki and her dancers are then seen wearing more casual clothing in a white room filled with chairs. A falsetto high pitched version of Nicki’s voice repeats, “Oh my gosh, look at her butt/oh my gosh, look at her butt/ oh my gosh, look at her butt…” The girls in this video are performing more lustful movements than actual dancing. Is this music or porn?

The song is essentially about men that Nicki’s been with and that it all comes down to her butt. Your jaw will be dropped with each scene. And I’m sure if this video was shown during the 18th Century, people’s heads would explode or their hearts would give out. It is difficult for me as a man to comment on this video, because a part of me is aroused, while the other is disappointed in where the music industry has gone. Obviously, she is not taking herself seriously as she wrongfully lifts up five pound dumbbells, wearing nothing but a pink thong, matching bra and neon blue Air Jordans. The fast rap lyrics are nothing, but superficial. The females at the gym in this video are extremely sexy, though. After more twerking and dry hump orgies, we see Nicki dressed in a maid outfit. She seems to be playing out men’s most desired fantasies. Not before long, she covers her cleavage with whip cream and eats a banana. The video ends with shots of her inside a hot spring, to giving Drake a lap dance. Drake’s cameo is merely used so Nicki can grind her bum on him. And I think those two are dating in real life. Nicki makes a derogatory point to insult skinny women in the club. Nicki then makes sure to add the verse, “I gotta big fat ass,” while scat singing, licking her lips and smearing her ass on Drake, some more.

Whether you’re insulted or aroused by this video, Nicki found a way of keeping the public’s eye on her and continues today with her recent beef with Cardi B. It is a catch-22. Music videos nowadays have replaced beauty and artistic value with sex. Nicki may argue that women booties are an art-form of themselves. The only thing that might become more famous from this video besides Nicki is her butt. This video might have been consistent with the times, but was in no way revolutionary. Nicki made big bucks because, sex sells. In my opinion, this video is vile and lacks the creativity that the music industry has lost. It is catchy though.

Lyrics: 2 Stars

Music: 2 Stars

Originality: 2 Stars

Video Quality: 3 Stars

Video Editing: 4 Stars

Sexiness: 5 Stars

Overall: 3 Stars

Feature Image Credit: Channel 5 TV

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