As a mid-twenties male, I’ve come to the conclusion that I should keep my hair buzzed short or remove it all together and go completely bald. The first sign is usually when you have a receding hairline.

Five years ago, when I turned 21 I noticed for the first time a small white spot on the top front part of my head. Also, an old friend of mine had the nerve to call it out during a house party. Thanks for holding back the embarrassment bud.

Over the course of recent years, my hair on the top of my scalp has been getting thinner and lighter. I began noticing larger open areas where bald spots were forming. I then asked my mother the burning question. Did grandpa ever go bald? She denoted that before his chemotherapy, he started losing hair. Which means that at some point I will too or least have a 50 percent chance of getting bald.

Baldness is hereditary as it comes from the mother’s father. If your mom’s dad was bald then her children (sons) have a 50% chance of getting it. Since my mother birth two sons, and my only brother who is older has a full head of hair, I received my grandfather’s gene. So in that case I need to treat or cope with it. It’s a shame because I had such awesome hair growing up into my teens. So these are measures to take for those who have limited choices on the amount of hair follicles remaining on their scalp.

If you start to notice bald spots on your head ask your mother if her father was bald. Once you established that you too will probably go bald then there are things you can start to do. This is if you decide not to shave.

  • Take some medication or vitamins to help revitalize the hair such as Biotin that helps regrow hair, nails, and skin. However take those vitamins daily or else they won’t work.
  • Pay large sums of money for cosmetic surgery where they take parts of your hair from your legs or some other place and stick it on your head. Or try the Jeremy Piven (Entourage) method, but that leaves you with a long lasting horizontal scar on the back of your head. Unless you’re wealthy, I wouldn’t try this tip.
  • Group-on recently came out with a $100 laser surgery to restart your hair roots. If that promise rains truthful, then it’s your best bet
  • Try some natural remedies on the scalp
  • This is conducive with brushing and massaging your scalp regularly.
  • Stop using Conditioner – that hair product tends to soften the hair which makes it easier for the hair to fall out. If you stick with Shampoo, it will harden the texture of your hair. I’ve stopped using Conditioner for a few months now and already notice the difference.
  • And if it’s not heredity than relax, stop stressing over things and develop a habit or routine that will make your life easier

If you decide to shave, I suggest going to the hairstylist and getting a close buzz cut to see if you’d look good bald. They will even out your scalp. I had them shave my head using a number 2 on top and a number 1 on the sides. I then used a sharp number 2 buzz cutter to shave the thickness from my eyebrows. I also make sure to shave any hairs that try to grow between my eyebrows. You don’t want to develop a uni-brow. People with round shaped heads like myself are good candidates for baldness. If your head is square, triangular, octagonal, hexagonal, perpendicular than it will look strange. I don’t even think triangular heads exist. I’m kidding about going perpendicular, I meant to say parallel, ha-ha got you.

Wanted to make sure you were paying attention. Anyway, once you decide to completely shave I suggest going to a barber shop who will only charge you about 8 bucks. Barbers are also licensed to shave people’s heads and faces as opposed to hairstylists, they’re only capable of buzzing heads with a number zero. Have your local barber do the shaving after buzzing with a zero and then it’s your job to maintain the shape with consistent shaving while keeping it from getting sun scorched. And with that apply SPF 50 or wear a thick cap.

Some fun things you can do with a bald head

  • Grow a goatee and put on some glasses to make yourself look like Walter White from Breaking Bad, hence the photo on top.
  • Shave your facial hair and turn into a dashing gentleman that no one will mess with, think of Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis, Dwayne Johnson, Patrick Stewart or Agent 47 from the Hitman¬†video game series.
  • People will think you’re a lot more intimidating and certain women are attracted to bald men. This is just something my mother said, so don’t quote me on that

In the end whatever you choose is up to you. Just be glad your not going gray.