On the third day of Comic-Con, the second trailer to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was released. Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics brings to life what most likely will be the closest thing we will have to a comic book. Zack Snyder may very well be the right director for bringing the world of DC to the big screen. He’s already mastered that skill with Watchmen (2009).

What we know is that the events of Man of Steel will have a major effect on the plot of this movie. Bruce Wayne was a direct witness during the fight for metropolis between Superman (Henry Cavil) and General Zod (Michael Shannon). The trailer shows Wayne played by a stocky Ben Affleck running into the debris to save a little girl. The visuals mimic that of the September 11th attacks. The falling debris was from Wayne Tower.

Superman also named Kal-El is being judged by the U.S. government to determine whether he’s a true earth guardian or a malicious being. The world is treating him like an Extra Terrestrial. Some people want him to leave, others feel safer in his presence. Regardless, Superman has become a ticking time bomb and a decision needs to be made before the world has a chance to crumble.

“The world needs to know what he stands for, that kind of power can be very dangerous,” actress Holly Hunter playing a US Senator states during a press conference. Lawmakers are holding Superman responsible for his actions on that day.

Wayne then receives a newspaper clipping of the Wayne Tower collapsing with writings in red ink reading, “You Let Your FAMILY DIE.” Could it be Lex Luthor (Played by Jessie Eisenberg) or the Joker?

Actor Jeremy Irons who is playing Alfred then quotes, “That’s how it starts, the fever, the rage that turns good men, cruel.”

The trailer then follows an image of the bat suit as Synder introduces his take on the Batman to the world. Even Lawrence Fishburne tells Clark Kent there’s a new hero in town, and he looks better in black. Groups of bats flutter out of the depths and a voice narrates his vigilante escapades.

On the other hand, Martha Kent (Diane Lane) and Lois Lane (Amy Adams) nurture Kent and tell him that he can be people’s hero, angel, monument, symbol of hope, or nothing.

“You don’t owe this world a thing, you never did,” Martha Kent tells her son.

Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor not only manipulates a Senator but is settling with a full long head of hair. Isn’t he supposed to be bald? Maybe he will lose his hair at some point.

“Devils don’t come from hell beneath us, they come from the sky,” Luthor says while caressing Superman’s head.

Someone opens General Zod’s body bag. Could they be turning him into something worse? Doomsday who succeeded in killing Superman in the comics, Darkseid, or Bizarro? Maybe it’s some other concoction.

Then we see signs of Joker writing his charismatic hints on a former bat suit or robin suit, “Hahaha, joke’s on you, Batman.”

It is rumored that Batman v Superman will use the dark storyline of Jason Todd’s death. In the comics, the Joker who masks himself as Red Hood kidnaps the second Robin (Jason Todd) and tortures him until he can barely move. Then the Joker blows up the facility holding Todd inside to burn. Batman arrives too late as images from the comic book shows him lifting Robin out of the debris, covered in blood. Batman does nothing to take revenge on Joker as that would break his one rule. Later on, a second Red Hood emerges causing mayhem throughout the streets of Gotham as this unknown alias begins tracking down the Joker’s whereabouts. This Red Hood happens to be Jason Todd who has somehow been resurrected from the dead to destroy the Joker once and for all. Two theories are that Todd’s body was placed inside the Lazarus Pit by Talia Al Ghul, Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter, or that Superman Prime altered the space-time when he punched a hole through existence. That second one sounds far fetched, Superman Prime is the villain Superman from an alternative dimension, he’s equivalent to Superman’s abilities but harnesses the motive to murder those around him. I think the Red Hood arc would work well for this franchise. I’d also love if they featured Nightwing (Dick Grayson), who was the original Robin.

Bruce Wayne gears up to fight the earthly god in a full anti-superman proof steel uniform while telling Alfred, “He has the power to wipe out the entire human race, and we have to destroy him.” Batman looks up into the raining night sky as blue lights glow from his eyes.

Batman brings out the bat signal once again. This time, his bat symbol is closely related to the one used in Frank Miller’s, Dark Night Returns comic. There’s evidence of Aquaman (Jason Momoa) in the sea, a flashback of the night Wayne’s parents were murdered, and men on horseback.

Epic sounds echo as Batman flies his jet, Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) uses her Bracelets of Submission to level an entire field and Alfred tells Wayne that Superman is not their enemy.

Batman might be fighting Superman because he sees him as a threat. If there is one aspect about Batman in the DC Universe, is that he is extremely paranoid about super beings taking control or having the power to destroy mankind. This is evident in the cartoon film, Justice League: Doom (2012) where Batman created a contingency plan to expose the weaknesses of all the Justice League members in the case of an emergency, if any of them were to go, rogue. He even listed himself on the plan. Watch this video below.

In this film, the US Senator might choose to delegate or hire Batman as a bounty hunter to exterminate Superman. Luthor seems to be mind-controlling the Senator to his will. If they decide to make it a personal vendetta, then maybe Superman has a connection towards the death of Wayne’s parents. They’re probably leaving that out until its release.

After, the trailer shows Batman engaging in battle against a group of militants tied to LexCorp. Batman also equips his batmobile and motorcycle.

Luthor watches Kryptonite behind glass and we finally see Batman and Superman fighting. Batman stomps on Superman’s chest through a roof. Wonder Woman gets pushed against a concrete wall while wielding a sword and shield. Superman fires back with his heat vision as Batman swiftly grapples away.

“Black and blue, god versus man, day versus night,” Luthor preaches as he repeats maniacally, “The red capes are coming, the red capes are coming.” He might be referencing the Revolutionary War.

Lastly, Superman rips the doors off the Batmobile, as Batman stands up slowly to face him. Things are going down, you don’t mess with the Dark Knight’s car. The war between two symbols will begin in the Summer of 2016.

That was such an epic trailer I’ll probably watch it one hundred times over. Hopefully, Affleck can ditch his infamous past as Daredevil (2003) and become a Batman that is equally on par with Christian Bale. I already like Cavil as Superman.

Who will you choose in the end, Batman or Superman?