In more astounding pop culture news surrounding this weekend’s Comic-Con in San Diego, the trailer to The Walking Dead Season 6 was released and it looks brutal.

The 4-minute heart-pounding trailer begins with a bloody Rick running along a derelict highway while a conversation Rick and Morgan had in Season 3 Episode ‘Clear’ echoes in his head. Rick looks like he’s on a mission as Morgan ends the conversation with, “I’m a killer Rick, and you are too.” The close up shot on Rick’s face is similar to Shane running from walkers during a deleted scene that was featured in the Season 2 trailer.

The images then pan to the moment in Season 5 when Rick sees Morgan again in Alexandria right after he executes Pete. We see scenes of what may be moments after that horrid event. Deanna is lying on the ground over a puddle of blood, most likely her husband’s.

Rick narrates that the locals in Alexandria been hiding within the wall since the onslaught of the apocalypse and have no clue about survival. Enid, Carl’s love interest, walks back into town full of dirt when the trailer fades to Rick’s hand touching the map that Abraham wrote, “The New World is going to need Rick Grimes.”

“I don’t take chances anymore,” Rick says to Morgan with lines of blood protruding down his forehead.

Morgan replies calmly as he shows concern in his eyes.

More herds of walkers attempt to break through the fences as Rick demonstrates strategic ways of luring them away.

Rick then preaches to a full house of residents in the living room of the Monroe estate as he explains, “Listen, we will make this work, keep this place safe, keep our families safe.”

Several bloody walker killing scenes ensues as issues within the community become quickly apparent. Some of those kills are accompanied by Michonne’s katana blade. Actor Ethan Embry from Can’t Hardly Wait makes an appearance as his character disagrees with Rick’s leadership.

“How many more of us has to die before we do something?” Embry explains in the background.

Carol reveals that Rick is now in charge of Alexandria. It seems like the community forms a huge rift when Rick’s leadership indirectly causes the death of several unknown community members. We see Abraham burying several bodies. Jessie’s older son admits to her that Rick is dangerous. Daryl may also disagree with how Rick is running things.

Carl is getting older as his hair is almost growing down to his shoulders. It’s obvious that he’s in love with Enid and possibly jealous of her boyfriend.

Morgan confides in Deanna that he can stop Rick because he knows him, “we have to,” he adds. Morgan also tries to help Deanna get back to reality after the death of her husband.

Some people agree with Rick, others disagree. However, most of them feel they need to fight what’s beyond the compound. Jessie traps herself and holds a pistol in a closet with her younger son as walkers claw at the door.

Deanna decides to put faith in Morgan to take back the community from Rick and his group. Daryl may be joining Morgan on his crusade though. Tensions are high. Abraham shows signs of concern in either Rick, Daryl or someone else.

Morgan seemingly tries to banish Rick. Rick quickly displays his dominance as an alpha male while listing the people that Morgan plans on taking the community from; Daryl, Michonne, Glenn, and himself.

“Do you have any idea who you’re talking to?” Rick asks with a face full of bandages and a grin like Clint Eastwood.

Lastly, Daryl gets kidnaped by a crazy group of hooligans in the woods as he’s surrounded by skeletons. Could they be the same Wolves at the end of Season 5 or the Saviors from the comic book?

Another thing they showed was Heath. Heath is an African American character who gets introduced when Rick and company in the comic book first arrive at Alexandria. Like Glenn, Heath is agile and a supply runner. Glenn and Heath become close friends in the comic. He’s a fan favorite.

It’s Rick vs. Morgan vs. walkers vs. Wolves vs. unknown, who will win and who will survive? Find out when The Walking Dead returns October 11th on AMC.

Watch the trailer below and come up with your own predictions.