During a filming for some unknown movie, Dennis Quaid is seen yelling and screaming when he notices some uninvited person entering his set while shooting. It appears he is playing some professor in an oblique and cliched college classroom. This has vastly been trending online where many commentators speculate that it is all a hoax. Dennis Quaid is either having a major meltdown or giving the greatest Oscar performance of his career since his last memorable role as Jimmy Morris in The Rookie (2002). Whether he is cursing out this person on set because he feels “distracted” by his work or because he is trying to get back into the limelight, he is certainly channeling Christian Bale who had a similar breakdown with an off-camera co-worker during the filming of Terminator Salvation (2009). Except Bale’s was about the person fixing a light during his take.

The video is highly vulgar and not suited for work or anyone that is under the age of 13. He blurted out a few insults that I’ve never heard of which made me laugh. He calls the set wanderer and whisperer, “Dopey the Dick”. Then when the off-camera director or photographer (unsure) tries to calm him down by saying, “Dennis”, Quaid gets even more red in his face when he continues to rant off, “Don’t f**king Dennis me, I’m doing my job here, I’m a pro, this is the most unprofessional set I have ever been on.” Quaid then boldly calls his co-stars “zombies” and “pussies” while cursing out some baby we cannot see in the video. At this point, the person holding the camera in his seat is holding it down towards the floor. We hear a door open, most likely Dennis leaving the set as he screams under his breath, “Blow Me!”

Watch the video for yourself to see whether it is real or a prank. If it is real, was Quaid justified in his reaction? Or did he go a bit overboard, especially to insult his co-stars and then curse out an innocent baby. Most likely, Quaid is having a bad day. Hopefully, he’s not like this all the time. It would be a nightmare to work with him. Although, Quaid is a critically acclaimed actor he needs to control himself a little better and he should not be saying things like, “you walked onto MY set.” It isn’t your set Quaid. The set belongs to the crew that spends hours building it up to look professional and appealing. Same goes for Bale.

The 61-year-old star will be appearing in a film about the life of news anchor Dan Rather sometime this year as Colonel Roger Charles in Truth.

Viewer discretion advised.