Sunday night’s The Walking Dead Season 5 90-minute long finale was phenomenal. All together the episode resolved some conflicts while also setting up a dark future for next season.

The scene opens to a wreaked sedan with its front smashed into the bark of a tall tree. Inside the car we see, Morgan! Morgan wakes up from the back seat and smiles when he sees the hair tail key-chain, an item he must have picked up and a pendent that symbolizes good luck. We then see Morgan relaxing over a small fire pit while boiling some water. A stranger comes walking through the thicket and sits on a rock across from Morgan. The stranger bearing a ‘W’ scar over his head points a gun at Morgan. When Morgan asks the man to politely put the gun down, he doesn’t say anything, so Morgan goes to ask him about the “W” on his forehead. The forest stranger explains to Morgan during olden days the wolves were placed on bounties and hunted by Native Americans. But today, they’re making a comeback. “Everything has a return,” Morgan says. The wolf man agrees as he preaches to Morgan the joy of just sitting and talking to another man of equal respect. They don’t get that much these days. He also tells Morgan he doesn’t see people much at all. When Morgan asks when was the last time he saw a man, he mutters, “two weeks ago”. On an average of two weeks the Wolves destroy a camp of survivors, take the clothes on their back, their food, and their lives. “Put that down,” the wolf commands Morgan as Morgan raises the cup of boiled water. The wolf then immediately admits to Morgan what he intends to do to him. Such as taking his things and then taking him. “Why?” Morgan asks. The wolf doesn’t reply so Morgan goes onto explaining that he should leave him with at least enough supplies to last another day. The wolf cocks the gun tighter in Morgan’s direction when Morgan tries to reach for his AK-47. Morgan puts his hands up. The wolf quietly mutters, “stay still.” Within a matter of seconds, Morgan jumps out of the way as another wolf tries to strike him with a knife through the bushes behind him. Morgan’s cat-like reflexes dodges the attack as he begins going postal on both wolves with a bo-staff. Morgan delivers some devastating blows while remaining calm and Zen. He circles between them and meditates while warning them to walk away. They don’t listen, so he kicks the crap out of them until they’re knocked unconscious. I certainly like this new version of Morgan; he’s like a Jedi master and completely in tune with himself and his surroundings. He then kills a nearby walker with his staff because the pistol is out of ammo. Morgan then carries the bodies and places them on top of each other inside the wreaked vehicle. Morgan honks the car’s horn a few times. He then rips off the pendant key-chain from the rear view mirror as he smiles and continues onward with his quest.

Off in another neck of the woods, Daryl is high tailoring his motorcycle down the deteriorating road with Aaron following behind in his sedan. Daryl is in full costume: the winged vest, gloves, jacket, dark shades, and long flowing black hair being pushed back by the wind. Daryl parks his bike in the middle of the road, Aaron does the same. They both get out and follow a trail into the woods.

In Alexandria, Rick wakes up out of bed in another house with several rectangular white band aids across his face. Rick sits up and starts to laugh. “What’s so funny?” Michonne asks Rick in an authoritative way. Based on the tone of her demeanor, we can tell that she is pissed at Rick. Don’t forget, she was the one who knocked out Rick last episode. Rick reminisces that he feels like he’s back inside the train car. Michonne reminds him that they’re there in Alexandria now. Michonne tells Rick that Deanna had him stay in this place, Pete is separated from Jessie, Carl went to visit him for a few hours, and she let him out. “What are you doing?” Michonne questions Rick. Rick explains how everything happened all at once, from Noah’s death to the incident with Pete. Michonne tells Rick she wished he informed her about Pete. Before another word can be spoken, Carol, Glenn, and Abraham enter through the door.

They tell Rick that Deanna is having a meeting to discuss Rick’s future, whether to exile him or not. Carol says that Rick needs to say that he stole the gun from the armory in order to protect Jessie from Pete and to feel safe. Carol explains that the Alexandrian people need stories because, “they’re children.” Ouch Carol. Glenn adds that Maggie will try to speak with Deanna and reason with her by  finding out what will take place at the meeting. Rick says if things get out of hand , Carol can grab Deanna, Glenn can take Spencer and he will hold Reg hostage. If they have to threaten their life or in the process, slit their throats to prove a point and conquer. Rick admits, “I screwed up,” while suggesting that he does not want to lie anymore. It seems to me that a possible coup d’état is in order. Rick then tells them to kindly leave so he can gain more sleep. Michonne, Glenn, Carol, and Abraham all exit.

Maggie peers through the window as she watches Gabriel grabbing some shirts off a clothes line. When she turns around she walks outside onto the porch to speak with Deanna. Maggie explains to Deanna that Rick was only doing what he felt saw fit. Rick has saved her and others countless of times. Deanna does not seem too impressed. Deanna says that Rick pulled a gun on them. “Yes, but he didn’t shoot,” Maggie replies indicating that pulling the trigger would have been something entirely different. Maggie states that Deanna is going to preach to a lot of frightened residents. They will most likely be inclined to exile Rick because they don’t understand. Maggie walks down the steps and is about to leave until Reg stops her. Reg tells her that cavemen were nomads who all died out. The ones who survived and evolved were the settlers who created civilization. Reg says he will tell Deanna that story, meaning that in order for civilization to work there needs to be understanding and forgiveness from all sides of the spectrum. Maggie is adamant on speaking with everyone in town.

Outside the wall, Sasha drags the last bit of walkers she massacred in the last episode to a large open dirt pit. She then decides to lay in the pit with the other deceased walkers as she faces the sky and closes her eyes in euphoria. Maybe she is trying to feel what is it like to be dead.

Meanwhile, Daryl and Aaron continue their recruitment mission while tracking through the woods. Daryl can already sense that people were in the area recently. It’s like he has a sixth sense. Aaron confines in Daryl that sometimes they send people away from Alexandria. Aaron retells a story of two men and one woman he found (their leader being Davidson) that did not work out. Him, Aiden, and Nicholas brought them several miles out and left them with one day of food and water. “They didn’t resist?” Daryl asks. Aaron replies that they had all their guns. Aaron certainly regrets what happened and wishes he never has to make the same decision again.

By Rick’s beside, Carol wakes him up. She says that what took place was necessary. “I deserved it,” Rick tells Carol. Carol almost pins the blame on Michonne for punching him when Rick quickly states that her and Glenn are with them. Rick says they should just tell them they stole those guns. Rick then admits that he might not want to create mutiny and he doesn’t want to lie. Rick is second guessing himself. Carol with a puppy dog face replies, “Oh sunshine, you don’t get to choose both.”

Miles out on the recruitment mission, Daryl and Aaron spot a survivor walking in the high grass wearing a red poncho. Aaron looks with binoculars and tries to listen in. Daryl notices the poncho man is covering his face with wild leeks. Leeks are used to ward off mosquitoes, Daryl enlightens Aaron.

Back in Alexandria, Rick steps out of the holding house and greets Tobin along the sidewalk. He then passes by Deanna standing on her porch and gives her the dirtiest staring gaze. She stares back with just as much dominance. Two alphas trying to co-exist with each other.

A nervous looking Nicholas gazes off at Glenn who is walking with his back turned. Glenn sits down on a porch. There seems to be a lot of porches in Alexandria. I thought they were few and far between. I guess not in The Walking Dead.

Maggie visits Glenn and tells him that she is going to try to talk to everyone in the community, as damage control for Rick. Maggie bluntly asks Glenn what is wrong since he appears to have something brewing in his mind, beyond his Asian eyes and the mustache patch that had finally formed on the skin over his lips. “I love you,” Glenn tells Maggie. She does not kiss him. I feel like their relationship has been lacking lately. Or maybe they’re just comfortable talking to one another at this point. Relationships are complicated, let’s get on with the show shall we! After Maggie walks away, Glenn sees Nicholas climbing over the walls even though he told him in the prior episode to never go outside again.

At the gate, Spencer opens the latch for Gabriel so he can take a nature walk. Spencer expresses concern since Gabriel is not equipped with a weapon. Gabriel maintains that he only needs “the word of god” to protect him. Gabriel steps off. What a lunatic.

Rick comes back home and talks to Carl. They discuss a bit about tonight’s meeting. Rick tells Carl to stay inside during the meeting because he may have to threaten or fight some people. Carl suggests that his father tell the truth about the guns.

Daryl and Aaron come across a food pantry and canned goods factory along the way. They both look at an open lot full of walkers when Aaron suggests they double back to Alexandria, since they’re already 50 miles out. Aaron wants to give up on the search for the mysterious man rocking the red poncho. He tells Daryl that more people is good, but with that always means more food. There is a price for everything. Daryl on the other hand is keen on conquering the task. Using the Rick sharp edge/fence technique, Daryl and Aaron stab the walkers with their knife and machete. They open the fence and enter the abandoned factory lot. They notice a couple of truck trailers parked with the slogan “how the harvest gets home” painted over the steel. They walk onto a catwalk and observe the three closed shutters. The far left one, Aaron rips off an Alaskan license plate. Aaron says he does not want to give up. If they can bring back canned food to Alexandria, than the trip would be a success. The middle trailer is where Daryl lifts up the latch. The second he lifts up the latch an entire cargo of walkers begin lunging toward them. This incoherently sets off a trap that opens the other two shutters. Daryl and Aaron move swiftly as they jump back down onto the black top as they are surrounded by the dead from all sides. Aaron kills one walker with the license plate, Daryl takes another out with his survival knife. Daryl quickly takes the lead as he rolls under one of the trailers, Aaron follows like a magnet. The zombies begin to crawl underneath as the two try to devise an escape route. The walkers lifeless eyes spread out as their mouths dictate equally; ready to take a bite out of a delicious afternoon meal. Daryl grabs a metal chain from underneath and rolls back into another alleyway where he quickly decapitates three walkers with the chain. That was an awesome kill! Aaron and Daryl then run away from the trucks as they see a black SUV parked in the lot. Daryl dodges the walkers as he squeezes his way through the crowd of walkers. Daryl hastily gets the van passenger door open and jumps toward the driver seat whilst Aaron follows behind. The two manage to get inside the vehicle just before the walkers can snatch them away. The head of one walker gets caught on the passenger door as Aaron slams the door thus severing parts of the walkers skull. The walker quickly falls giving Aaron time to completely shut the door. The vehicle gets completely surrounded by the small herd of walkers as Daryl and Aaron sit in safety nearly a few feet from death. Hundreds of decaying hands and arms push up against the car windows. Daryl suggests they try finding something to cover the windows so they don’t see them inside, eventually they will walk away. Aaron finds a notes in blood saying “bad people, don’t stay.” Looks like they’re in deep shit.

Pete who was forced out of his home after the incident, sits in a couch with the same amount of face band aids as Rick. He gets a knocking at the door. Pete opens it to see Carol standing with a plate of Tuna Casserole. “What do you want?” Pete asks rudely. Carol then gets all up in his face when she points the sharp edge of her knife close to the bottom of his chin and neck. “I could kill you,” Carol states and adds that no one would find out she ever did it because he is an abusing wife hitting husband. They would think it was all in the name of self-defense. Carol starts channeling her anger towards Ed and says things as if Ed was still alive. Regardless of the height difference, Pete being triple Carol’s size, Carol still manages to put him in his place. Carol tells Pete that he has a chance to redeem himself after what he has caused to his wife and the community. “Come at me,” Carol tempts Pete. Pete does not bat an eye. Carol completely destroys his ego when she says that he’s nothing. Take that Pete you piece of shit. I know guys like Pete who deserve to be told off. I wish I could confront that one person and tell him off. Carol is becoming the queen bee, an alpha female.

Outside the walls, Glenn continues his pursuit of Nicholas throughout the dense trees. He loses sight of him when he spots a dead walker lying face flat on the ground in the middle of a clearing. Glenn hears some footsteps and then gets shot in the shoulder. The blast pushes him backwards out of sight. When Nicholas approaches where he shot Glenn, he notices that he’s gone. Two can play at that game.

Meanwhile, Rick visits Jessie who is repairing the broken window. The same window that Rick pushed Pete through. Jessie is immediately nervous when he approaches. Adding that they should not being talking to each other, people are going to see. Rick just wanted to check up on her. Jessie says that this was Pete’s doing. “I’m not sorry I did it,” Rick replies. When Rick turns away to leave, Jessie tells him to stay turned and adds, “you were right.” At least she agrees that Rick made the right call.

Off in the distance, Pete observes as Rick is conversing with his wife through the window. A snarl of jealousy masks Pete’s face.

Back inside the walker trap, Daryl and Aaron brainstorm a plan to escape. Aaron says that he knew Daryl and his people were the right candidates for Alexandria after he saw Daryl find the barn and led his people to safety. The barn secured their survival during the nasty storm. Aaron then says he shouldn’t have given up on searching for the red poncho guy. Daryl looks at the clawing hands as he decides to be the one to lead them out, be a distraction so Aaron can get away. Is Daryl trying to commit suicide or does he actually think he can survive the horde? Before Daryl can finish smoking his Morley cigarette, luckily Aaron tells Daryl that they need to fight together. Aaron doesn’t want Daryl risking his own life for his. Before they can take action, Aaron notices a rusty stick penetrate through the eye socket of one of the many walkers. Blood splats onto the window. More sounds of walkers being decapitated ensues. The door opens as Daryl and Aaron quickly peer out into the open. It’s Morgan using his bo-staffing skills on the corpses. The three conservatively kill walkers so that they have a clear path of escape. They close the fence guarding the food pantry and begin their introductions. Aaron gets a breather as he introduces Morgan to himself and Daryl. Morgan looks more peaceful than ever. Morgan states his name as Daryl gives him this familiar look. Although, Daryl never met Morgan it is possible that during his travels, Rick has spoken about him. “Why?” Daryl asks Morgan. “All life is precious,” Morgan replies with such calm wisdom. Aaron says they have a community. When he asks Morgan if he wants to come with them Morgan asks them if they can help guide him in his path, he’s lost. Morgan takes out a map and hands it to Daryl. When Daryl opens the folded pages he notices that it is the same map that Rick was given to by Abraham when they were attempting to reach Washington D.C. In Abraham’s hand writing it even displays, “the new world is gonna need Rick Grimes.” Daryl’s face lights up as he now knows exactly who Morgan is. Did you know that Morgan actually got his fight training from the very same person who played Donatello from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle films? Probably not, well it was on Talking Dead. I’ve also found that Lennie James, the actor who plays Morgan Jones is actually British in real life.

During Gabriel’s walk in the woods he spots a walker devouring a recently deceased man off the an abandoned road. The only evidence of it being a road are the yellow painted lines, everything else is now covered with broken tree branches and twigs. The walker hears Gabriel creeping behind him when it turns around looking even uglier than masses. The ugly walker lurks towards Gabriel as Gabriel spreads his arms out to the sky, almost waiting to be bit as he says, “I’m ready”. However, Gabriel changes his mind when he sees a noose around the walkers neck and uses it to rip the walker’s head off. Gabriel cringes as he kills the headless walker with a heavy rock. Gabriel then walks up to the other walker lying on the ground as he performs a mercy killing blow. Gabriel then falls to the ground in fetal position and whimpers like a baby.

In Alexandra, Abraham visits the infirmary where Rosita has been treating Tara. With a bundle of flowers, Abraham hesitantly walks and sits next to Eugene who is seemingly napping. Rosita then “accidentally” knocks over a tray which undoubtedly wakes Eugene up. Abraham and Eugene look at each other as Eugene formulates a long apology in his normal pondering approach. Eugene explains that he used Abraham but that if it wasn’t for him, he would not be here. Eugene thanks Abraham for getting him here. Abraham then apologizes after. Eugene is surprised of this until Abraham explains that he almost killed him. The two finally come to peace as they watch over a comatose Tara.

Gabriel arrives back at the gates to Alexandria as Spencer greets him. Spencer asks Gabriel if he could talk to him, since no one else confines in him. Gabriel nearly ignores him as Spencer walks away. Spencer leaves Gabriel to close the gates. Gabriel pushes the gate behind him but never looks and sees that the gate snaps back open. What the hell Gabriel? You might as well have ringed the dinner bell for hungry Flesh-Eating corpses. God, you’re such a liability.

In the outskirts of the community, Nicholas continues to look for Glenn. Glenn suddenly jumps out of trees and begins punching, kicking, and wrestling Nicholas in the woods. Nicholas pushes Glenn off and gets away when a small group of walkers latch onto Glenn who is on the ground now fighting for his life. Glenn struggles to push the walkers off him.

Inside Rick’s bedroom, Michonne visits and confronts him. Michonne asks Rick why he left her out of the loop in taking the guns. Rick explains that him, Daryl, and Carol formed this agreement that they would steal the guns from the armory in case things went south. They stole three guns, Rick took two and Carol has the other one. Rick did not tell Michonne because he felt she would have not agreed. She punched him. “That was for you,” Michonne replies. Michonne agrees with what Rick has planned, they don’t need them. Things will happen on its own. Michonne suggests to Rick, “don’t make something happen.” Since Michonne is the other Constable, she feels inclined to know what is brewing in her partner’s mind. Michonne adds, “I’m with you,” as she leaves the room.

Rick on his bed holding a machete begins thinks about what Bob Stookey once said about the apocalypse. “This isn’t the real world. This is a nightmare, and nightmares end,” Bob says in Rick’s mind.

Rick then peers through his window when he notices the front gate open. He dashes out of the room in a heartbeat. Rick puts on his jacket as he sees a trail of bloody tracks from the metal of the gate to the road. He shuts the gate and begins running in the direction of the splattered blood.

Gabriel enters his chapel and sees Sasha sitting in one of the chairs asking for guidance. Gabriel says, “no”.

Off in a small square are a gathering of people as well as Deanna, Reg, Spencer, Tobin, Jessie, Maggie, Michonne, Carol, Abraham and Eric (Aaron’s boyfriend) huddled around a fire. Eric is so forgettable that I edited him into this recap. Deanna wants to begin the meeting. Maggie suggests they wait for Rick and Glenn. Deanna starts off by saying that she does not want to discuss the incident that took place yesterday, but wants to talk about one of the Constables. Deanna goes on to say that Rick Grimes stole a pistol from the armory and then pointed it at all of them. Carol chimes in and says they’re sure they can work it out once Rick arrives.

Rick continues running throughout Alexandria in pursuit of the missing walkers.

Back at the alter, Sasha tells Gabriel, “I think I want to die.” Gabriel replies with, “the dead don’t choose.” Sasha figures out what Gabriel is trying to do, make her feel guilty for what she’s done. Gabriel then calls Sasha and her brother sinners. Sasha walks up to him and stomps on his chest. The two engage in a fight.

Next to the back of a house Rick sees and hears a big dog barking. Rick then notices two walkers approaching nearby. Rick takes out his knife and stabs the blade through one of the corpses’ heads. He begins to fight another.

Back at the meeting, Michonne tries to reason with Deanna and the terrified residents. Michonne explains that Rick’s true intentions is to keep his family alive. Rick has been through hell and back. Michonne then warns the residents that they will turn into someone like him someday.

Rick continues his walker killing spree.

Sasha and Gabriel continue fighting each other inside the chapel. The pushing and shoving causes Sasha’s rifle to shoot out the glass from the window.

In the woods, Glenn jumps at Nicholas from behind a tree and delivers a blow to his face.

At the meeting, Carol makes her case by saying that Rick has saved her on several occasions. She tries to explain to the residents and Deanna that the community needs someone like Rick, the ultimate survivor. They should listen to what he has to say. She knows what happened yesterday was scary, but that does not mean they should banish the issue.

Meanwhile, Rick gets tackled onto the ground by one walker. Rick wrestles with the monster as it attempts to bite at his face. To avoid making noise, Rick begins digging his pistol inside the lower part of the walker’s skull. Rick shouts in agony during the process.

Glenn pounces on Nicholas and begins punching him as hard as he can. Glenn even kicks him in the knee. The two wrestle on the grass and dirt.

Abraham then makes his claim by showing his generous level of respect. “There is a vast ocean of shit out there. Rick knows every single grey area,” Abraham preaches. Abraham’s symbolism is a wonderful take on how he sees Rick as a superhero. Someone no else is capable of.

After Rick feels the pistol is deep enough within the walker’s head, he pulls the trigger. All of its brains and flesh falls on top of Rick’s face. Rick spits the blood out of his mouth in disgust.

The Wolves return (those two same men Morgan knocked out) with the red poncho guy at the food pantry abandoned factory. The strangers tell the poncho traveler to “be still” in such a creepy tone. Before the poncho guy has a chance to be scared they slit his throat and feed his body to the walkers. They open the gated fence and let the walkers take care of the rest.

Maggie at the meeting references her father to show that Rick is a good man. She says that Hershel always thought Rick was a good-hearted family man. Maggie states that they are all family now and no matter how they think, Deanna and Reg cannot stop it. Deanna pitches in and repeats what Gabriel told her a few days before. Deanna shares with the gathering that Gabriel said the new arrivals cannot be trusted and are dangerous. In the last day, Deanna adds, Rick has demonstrated all the qualities that fit what Gabriel has admitted to her. Jessie speaks up and says that Deanna cannot just make a claim for someone who is not present at the meeting. Deanna never taped Gabriel saying it either, so there is no proof. “Rick isn’t here either,” Deanna answers back. Maggie leaves the meeting to find Gabriel.

Glenn manages to the get the upper hand in the fight with Nicholas. Glenn covers Nicholas’ face as he continues throwing punches while yelling that he killed Noah and has tried to kill him. Nicholas shakes his head cowardly when Glenn pulls a pistol out and presses the hole to his forehead.

Sasha dominants Gabriel in the fight. Gabriel lies on the floor as Sasha aims her rifle at him.

After the feasting, the Wolves play a disco beat that lures the walkers back into their trailer traps. The scene is so creepy and demented.

At the meeting, Tobin tries to say that he wants to keep his family safe and if Rick is a threat then he needs to… Before Tobin can finish his statement, Rick arrives to the gathering with a face full of dried-up blood and a dead walker on his shoulder.

With Glenn’s hand on the trigger, he struggles to make a decision whether to kill Nicholas or spare him. Glenn decides to spare Nicholas’ life and then cries. I would have defiantly killed Nicholas. That guy needs to go, he can’t be trusted.

Maggie walks in on Sasha about to pull the trigger while also noticing Gabriel crying out, “they all died because of me.” Maggie calmly tells Sasha to put the gun down, she listens and then Maggie helps Gabriel up off the floor.

Rick goes on a tirade. He explains to everyone that the gate was open and that walkers got inside. Spencer says that he told Gabriel to close it. Deanna sends her son off to find him. The walker he brought them was from within the walls. Rick admits that the dead and the living will always try to get inside because they are here. He continues his rant while these other moments occur.

Carl laughs as he spends time with Judith, Glenn helps carry Nicholas back to Alexandria, Sasha, Maggie, and Gabriel all share a prayer in unison and Tara finally wakes up from her coma with Rosita there to greet her with a big smile. The members of the Wolves look through black and white photographs of Rick, Carl and the others in his group. How long have they been watching them?

Rick continues with a speech about survival. Rick thought he had to prove a point of survival by slitting Deanna, Reg or Spencer’s throats. Instead Rick feels that they can all learn how to survive in this world and change. Rick is not sorry for what he did, he is sorry for not doing it sooner. Rick denotes that luck eventually runs out.

“You’re not one of us,” Pete shouts as he enters the square while holding Michonne’s sword. Reg immediately tries to push Pete back before he can attack Rick. Pete then pushes Reg away and accidentally slashes his throat with the blade of the sword in the process. Deanna consoles her husband as he lies on the ground dying; blood gushing out of the open horizontal gash in his neck. Abraham pounces on top of Pete and holds his head down toward the concrete ground. Rick takes one look at Deanna holding her dying husband as she nods and says, “do it.” With Deanna giving the final order of execution, Rick aims his pistol at Pete’s head and pulls the trigger. A gun shot echoes throughout the suburban streets. In the next instance, we hear someone say, “Rick”. As Rick looks up he sees Morgan standing in front of him next to Daryl and Aaron. The two look at each other intently for a moment. Rick looks shocked as the screen fades to black.

But wait, it isn’t over yet. The next morning, Michonne is about to place her Katana back on the wall rack when she decides to keep it on her. Looks like she is ready to be the warrior queen once again.

Back by the walker trailer traps, a zombified man in a poncho slowly walks as the black SUV is shown to be spray painted, “Wolves Not Far.”

Wow, what an amazingly satisfying season finale to the best season of the series thus far. I was surprised, but glad that none of Rick’s people got the axe. It seemed like they were hinting at Daryl or Glenn. They were just trying to trick us viewers. From what I gathered in this finale is that Rick and the people of Alexandria will be dealing with those Wolves soon. And if I’m not mistaken, there is supposed to be a new major villain coming in Season 6. This character is rumored to wield a baseball bat covered in barbed wire with the name, “Lucille”. All signs point to “Negan”. Season 5 was a fun and exciting ride and I am glad to be part of the reviewing process. I hope you had as much fun reading my recaps as I’ve had of writing them.

Negan from Comic Book - photo by
Negan from Comic Book – photo by

Stay tuned for the spin-off series of The Walking Dead titled, Fear The Walking Dead which will air sometime during the summer of 2015. The spin-off will take place at the beginning of the outbreak, with a whole new set of characters, situations, and rules. Articles on-line say that this series will answer the question of what caused the zombie pandemic. The events that take place in this new series will be in Los Angeles. Wait to see what else I review in the future. The Walking Dead Season 6 will most likely return in October of this year. At least we only have to wait til the summer to catch a zombie show. Or if you are really antsy, then go and watch Game of Thrones. Season 5 airs on April 12, 2015. Thank you for reading my reviews. In the meantime, stay calm and kill zombies!