For about a month, I’ve been tweeting random moments which if you were paying attention come together as a full horror short story. When you combine all of those tweets, this is how it reads. Take note, I separated my tweets in paragraphs. You can find me on twitter here,

“He was in the center of a room alone, white with miniature square tiles. An invisible light shining. He was glued to a wooden chair, no exit.

“Where am I?” he said. He struggled to push out, but was paralyzed. A door formed out of the wall in front of him and burst wide open.

The chair flew through the door and stopped in the center of the next room. The door behind him shut menacingly. He was in an identical room.

The room was the same design with the exception of a brown desk that was bolted to the ceiling, hanging upside down. The man could stand up.

When the man stood up he could look around the room, but was unable to take a step. The room began spinning clockwise, there was screaming.

Amid the spinning, the man saw a faceless female figure wearing a beige gown staring at him. The room stopped and then flipped upside down.

The man ached as he stood up and walked around. He checked the desk and read, “You’re In My World Now,” on a piece of paper in red marker.

The lights turned off into complete darkness. The man shook. Lights switched back on. The walls were covered in red children hand-prints.

Four balloons appeared on the four corners of the room. They popped in unison and then simultaneously re-inflated, repeating the process.

The man covered his ears. The ceiling opened up into a black vacuum and sucked him upwards. He was now in a room surrounded by gray entities.

The gray entities laughed silently as their heads bobbled up and down in tumbling seizures. The man screamed in fright and closed his eyes.

A pitch from laughter like menacing hyenas echoed in the man’s eardrums. He yelled out, “stop!”. A second went by when the laughter ceased.

The man inhaling and exhaling from fright, opened his eyes underneath the covers in his fingers and saw a light piercing through the gaps.

The man moved his hands away from his face and was sitting down at a long white table across two detectives. He was in an interrogation room.

The two cops looked at the man with a confused look. “You okay Troy. Weren’t you going to tell us that story?” Troy replied, “sorry, yes.”

The story Troy tells is my first published novel, genre horror titled ‘Stay Awhile’. Look for it exclusively at”

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And the top heading image, by the way, is my E-book front cover.

‘Stay Awhile’ is about a criminal/thief invades the home of a middle class family when his plans go awry; the family comes home earlier than expected, just in time for dinner. In the Midwest, in a town 30 miles off the GPS radar, in a dark desolate neighborhood, the thief decides to hide in a staircase closet as he thinks of an escape while communicating with his driver via smart phone. Things turn into a nightmare when the thief witnesses what the seemingly normal family is consuming for dinner… human remains.

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