Whether you’re trying to write a story, make a video, or come up with a big picture idea, imagination gives our minds the confidence to drive our thoughts forward. Imagination is an interesting topic because it never seems to be discussed. Without the expansive imaginations of J.K. Rowling, J.R.R. Tolkien, George R.R. Martin, Stephen King, or William Shakespeare, the greatest pieces of literature would have never existed. This tangible and intangible entity is what forms the creativity in artists, writers, filmographers, directors, musicians, graphic designers, fashion designers, inventors, architects, and so on. As an avid writer, I spend most of the day delved inside the worlds I create. They might be expanding or contracting, but they’re separate worlds from our own. Imagination can be beautiful, exciting, action-packed, depressing, and dark. Regardless, it is a form of escapism from the drudges of reality.

As children we are told to let our imaginations take off like rockets. But when we grow up it seems like those same imaginative butterflies are captured and caged. We are told to grow up and become a man or woman.

The same goes for those awful Trix cereal commercials. The discriminating bunny is also discriminating on age. Stating things like, “Trix are for kids.” Trix cereal could be a metaphor for fear. Fear of not pursuing our most desirable passions. If you really want to be the next Best Selling accomplished author, then go and do that. If 24-year-old Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, can publish her first book titled, Girl Online and outsell J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone so could we. You can say that her YouTube fan base really sky rocketed her sales and that’s true, but she’s very smart in the marketing sense.

You also probably noticed that I have not posted something in almost two months. In all honesty, I put this specific post aside for a few weeks so I could finish writing my first novel. My short novel was quite the task, but I am proud and glad to have completed it. It is now published and on Amazon. Check it out here, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SOSWZXK. It was a burden like a terrible ex-girlfriend, but also a new horizon for a positive future. Before its initial release, I’ve been posting tidbits of a horror short story on Twitter. The twitter horror crusade was a means for me to sell my book in a creative and marketing solution. Like when Hideo Kojima released P.T. he was just basing that off a loose selling point for the new Silent Hill video game, titled Silent Hills. This is the same principle as it is loosely based my horror novel titled, Stay Awhile.

So going back to our minds; how does one gain imagination?

Imagination takes any form based on the experiences we have and our own subconscious morphing them into fantasy. It is interesting that although we live in the physical world of reality, our brains are wired to think that we are on a separate plain of existence. We can picture ourselves walking down a narrow and dark corridor as a ghostly apparition flashes at our face. Or there are worlds like Middle Earth or the realms of Westeros and Esteros or the wizard world created by people.

Imagination is something that can only be achieved through patience. One night, sift through your brain for an interesting concept to a story or an innovative idea. It can be while jotting things down on paper, typing on Word, formatting a website, and even reading a book or EBook. Sometimes it can come to you while taking a shower or just walking up the staircase. I personally gain ideas from combinations of dreams that have stayed with me all these years. There are some dreams and nightmares we never forget. An imagination can turn into a dream and eventually paint the Sistine Chapel. Imagination’s only limit is of our own and anyone can expand it beyond the years of childhood. All imagination needs to launch a vision is some effort and quick fingers on a keyboard.