I wanted to begin incorporating my love for music on my blog. Everyday I listen to music on my iTunes library as I tune out the quiet sounds and groans of the world turning it into the soundtrack of my life. Adding beats into what I normally do make the day that much more exciting and carefree. I will be reviewing and shedding my appreciation to numerous artists, albums, songs and music videos throughout the course of this written journey. Some of them you’ve heard of, others are all over the media and some artists you will be getting introduced to the first time.

Today I specifically wanted to review the 2011 M83 album titled, ‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’. As a whole the album’s title says it all. The entire feel of each song comes together like a dream you never want to wake up from. M83 uses a composition of several instruments, synthesizers, and vocals that give off an echo vibe. I can tell they were greatly inspired by New Wave bands from the 1980’s. I love what M83 was able to achieve with this artistic masterpiece.

The album with its 22 tracks worthy of each listen begins with ‘Intro’ that introduces you to their artistic universe. It lies heavily on the instrumentals while a chorus sounding voice flows and comes together beautifully. I do not exactly know what they’re saying, but the ambiguity of the vocals is what adds to the euphoria. The second track ‘Midnight City’ is the bands main single and has been heard throughout several recent films, commercials and other media forums. The electronic waves and bass beats give off a desire to go dancing in the middle of the street or to drive really fast down the road with the hood down. The ‘midnight’ aspect of the title escalates a night on the town while giant light orbs fly across the skies. The next song ‘Reunion’ gives a similar performance to ‘Midnight City’ as a continuation of a story. In my opinion, this track dives further into their ambitious vision for music as it seems to jump out of song routine. A massive rage plays out as it suddenly eases when a young female voice talks to the listener. ‘Reunion’ ends on a high note. The next four tracks slow the pace of the album immensely. ‘Where the Boats Go’ is basically a transition instrumental, ‘Wait’ is a solemn and soulful ballad. ‘Wait’ finishes up with explosive drums. The next track is a gradual interchanging riff as a little girl tells a story about her expansive imagination in ‘Raconte-moi une historie’. ‘Raconte-moi une historie’ follows a transition track like ‘Where the Boats Go’ for the sound of a moving train called, ‘Train to Pluton’. Wherever Pluton is seems we’ve arrived at the place in the next song called, ‘Claudia Lewis’. This song has a more pop and funk influence as opposed to the electronic anthems of ‘Midnight City’ and ‘Reunion’. I feel as if I entered into Pluton as a famous glamour rock band performed on a electrifying stage as bouncing fans surround me. ‘This Bright Flash’ starts out soft until drums speed up the tempo as compared to someone sprinting as fast as DC comic book superhero ‘ The Flash’. ‘When Will You Come Home?’ is the third transition track to relax you from the last two tracks. There isn’t much to this track as it stays on one register with a basic instrument. ‘Soon, My Friend’ is one of my favorite tracks as it softly repeats the verse, “I’ll be yours… someday.” It gives a sense of hope that anything is possible and that attaining your goals and desires is but a mere phase away. ‘My Tears Are Becoming a Sea’ contains anthem styled fades as the singer shouts in sadness. ‘New Map’ is my favorite song to listen to on the album if I am traveling far distances or driving on the highway. The sound waves of the vocals pitching in and out along with the ongoing instrumentals is so rewarding to my ears. My favorite part is when the song breaks off to the bridge; horns, saxophones and other jazz instruments echo thus calming my mind. ‘OK Pal’ has a similar format to ‘New Map’ but relies more on the vocals while background keyboards go bonkers. It can be described like the sound of popcorn popping in a pop machine. The next track and fourth transition ‘Another Wave from You’ sounds like it can be used in a Tron movie. ‘Splendor’ deters a bit from the electronics of the album replacing with a piano and beautiful vocals. This song perfectly takes from the influence and essence of ‘The Beatles’ and ‘Simon & Garfunkel’. ‘Year One, One UFO’ is a great rock instrumental song with electric guitar as an unrecognizable voice from the beyond spews out random words. The next track called ‘Fountains’ begins with synthesizers, echoes and sounds of nature. I picture myself skipping pebbles and walking along the moist grass roots of a healthy and colorful forest only seen in fairy tales. This is my favorite transition track as it leads to the album’s most concert song. ‘Steve McQueen’ can be played from a blimp, penetrating everyone’s ears. The drums are phenomenal as it gives the feeling of something monstrous and omega. The next track titled ‘Echoes of Mine’ begins with someone speaking low in another language which soon transitions to anthem chord progressions. The song constantly goes back between the old woman speaking to the chord progressions. This track gave me an eerie feeling as if an old woman was praying or reading out some kind of spell. ‘Klaus I Love You’ brings us right back to that 80’s feeling. Second Wave could not be anymore awesome than this. I can listen to this track over and over again if I am driving at night while the headlights illuminate the midnight world that is covered in neon. And finally the last track ‘Outro’ goes full circle and puts the seal on the album. ‘Outro’ has a similarity to ‘Intro’ except for the addition of explosive vocals that mention ‘creatures’, ‘forever’ and ‘the end’. The last few seconds of the song end on the simple sound of the piano.

This album is not music, it’s an experience. It tells a story and brings you to another reality. A reality of endless possibility, creativity and imagination. M83 has shown me that the new decade can be as talented as older generations of music artists. There is hope in the way music has changed and evolved throughout the ages. ‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’ opens up the decade to a colorful 80’s retro influenced future. Music today does not have to sound so superficial like Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande or Iggy Azalea. It can be inspiring, spiritual and imaginative. If you decide to boldly give this album a chance as I hope you do, then listen to the album by yourself. It is more of a personal journey than a group thing. This kind of music has room for endless amounts of interpretation. However you want to interpret M83 is up to you and should only be in your own best interests. If I was going to rate this using the Elementary school system, I would give this album five out of five golden stars.

golden stars

This album is like a drug and will cling to your ears faster than an alcoholic holding onto a bottle of liquor. M83 has recently became more mainstream as they’ve composed the score for the Motion Picture film ‘Oblivion’ starring Tom Cruise and have collaborated with ‘The Killers’ on one song titled, ‘Shot At the Night’ on their greatest hits album called, ‘Direct Hits (Deluxe)’ which can be bought and downloaded on iTunes Store. Check out the video to ‘Shot At The Night’ and enjoy below.