I know how I mentioned in my last post to embrace the journey, the ups and downs in life. However, some days I just want to stare at life in the face (if life had a face) and flip it the bird. Sometimes life is a real pain in the ass. Take for example, I do the job hunt during the week which in a sense is a full time job and on the weekends I am a Valet Park Attendant. After a few weekends of not getting to go out with a certain gal, I was hoping this weekend would be it. However, my boss from Valet wants me to basically work all weekend, one shift on Friday 3:30 pm to 10 pm and two double shifts on Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 10 pm. I am doing it because I need the money to pay for all my crap such as: gas for car, car repairs, car insurance, monthly cell phone bill, monthly student loans and weekly rent (even in my parents house). And I have to work valet at a restaurant for this hard-ass owner, I won’t say his name nor the restaurants. Lets just say one time he sent me home because when I got there he said he only wanted one valet for the day even though he sent for two valets a few days before. Which means I had to drive back home during rush hour. Thanks a lot asshole. Even my boss doesn’t like him. The Valet company I work for contracts out employees to several places across Long Island and parts of New York City. This girl I been trying to go out with has a very busy schedule which does not mesh well with mine. So I don’t know what to do. All I want is to go on one date with this girl but life is deciding to be a jerk and not letting me do what I want. How many times do I have to do things out of necessity and not desire? It’s not fair.

Those of you who read this maybe a bit confused by my switched gears but if you think closely you will realize that I am embracing life, I am calling out on the downs and saying that life can be a bitch, sometimes. I’m sure things will work out in the end but right now I am unhappy. I don’t even have motivation to apply to more jobs because it won’t get me anywhere. I will write this awesome cover letter specified for x company, upload my resume with x company and still never hear back. If I try to reach out to people and communicate on social media or email, I won’t hear back for a few days, a week, a month or maybe never. I understand that people are busy but they can still take a few minutes out of their day to reply to an email or a message to try to help an aspiring writer, radio guy, editor or whoever I am that wants to just be a contributor to society and start his own life. It’s not rocket science, although lately it seems to be.

As I finish up writing this entry I understand that what I have been doing these past few minutes was quite therapeutic and productive. Whether you agree on how I have approached my situations or not, I feel much better for it. And I promise to not have many more entries about life, because even watching ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ over and over again can get boring and old. You probably also see this post as a mere rant for whining. “Stop whining,” as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say from ‘Kindergarten Cop’. I’ll make sure to add some more of those random pop culture references in future posts. Anyway this is the end of my entry. Hopefully the sun comes out, but have a great day regardless. Later.