By Anthony Vecchiarello
‘The Big Bang Theory,’ Spanking and Judi Dench
This Thursday’s episode of Conan featured Jim Parsons who plays “Sheldon” on The Big Bang Theory, comedic actor and writer Steve Coogan and up-and-coming Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss.
Conan O’Brien performed the cat dance before getting to his monologue. Conan announced more trouble in the White House at a holiday party after someone knocked over a small child. Conan explained that although President Obama’s approval ratings went down 40 percent, his holiday party stunt is number one on YouTube. Also, Vice President Joe Biden was in the news after he had a talk in South Korea. Conan admitted that it was the first time people from South Korea were sneaking into North Korea, a communist country.
The crack-loving Governor of Toronto Rob Ford was trending once again when he stated that he did heroin with a group of gang members because he was out of crack, Conan said.
Google also plans to build an army of robots to replace factory workers. Conan added, Apple was devastated since Google is putting children out of work.
America’s teenagers are number 30 in Math, but number one in Meth. Someone from the audience then cheered as Conan said, “No!”
The History Channel is developing a TV show about Jesus as a teenager. Conan replied, his catchphrase will be “OM Dad!”
With Android’s new smart phones, Google has banned most of its sexual words including “uterus,” which will not be auto-completed, Conan explained.
A Wendy’s worker was fired after mistakenly serving a burger with a marijuana joint inside it. Conan reiterated; she was then hired at White Castle.
Conan then stopped, saying that the next joke from the cue card was not going to work. Moving on, Conan described a topless woman in a clothing store chased around a man after she caught him spying on her in the dressing room. Conan laughed and said, “His plan worked,” while imitating the girl’s bare breasts. Andy Richter side commented and then said, “That’s part of my community service.”
Conan then talked about Google a third time saying Google is releasing Google Glass next year and a new feature called Google Help. He then showed a clip of what Google Help would look like, a guy wearing glasses containing the screen of a technical support worker. It started out funny and ended with suicide. Jimmy from Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable band laughed as well as a random Asian guy in the audience. Conan commented that he now knows that the word “suicide” makes them laugh.
Conan then did “Fan Corrections,” a part in the show where viewers try to find mistakes on Conan. Conan and Andy revealed there have been hundreds of challengers, but not one was a winner. This time it was a guy calling Conan out on something he said to actor Adam Scott during the October 1 taping. Conan said that baseball players pitch 90 feet from the mound. The viewer went technical saying that it is only 66 feet from the pitcher’s mound to home plate. Conan’s rebuttal was a flashback with Adam Scott, except with the same shirt he was wearing. Conan stated he was talking about the combined 90 feet of a double play from 1st to 2nd during a Dodger’s game. Then when they came back to the present Andy said, “I don’t think it happened like that.”
Adam Scott also moved himself into view. Check out more Fan Corrections clips at
Emmy award winner Jim Parsons then made his appearance. Jim and Conan were making fun of Mike “The Situation” from Jersey Shore when Mike kept staring at himself through the monitor when he visited Conan in a prior episode. Jim then described his haunting with the catchphrase “Bazinga” that his character Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory often says. Jim admitted he gets uncomfortable in public and walks away from crowds of fans who shout out “Bazinga.” Jim then spoke about the spanking scene with his co-star Mayim Bialik who plays Amy and Sheldon’s girlfriend. Originally, Jim and Mayim were told the spanking scene was going to be sounded off camera. When the director changed his mind at the last minute, Jim could not keep himself together, laughing at every take. Andy then jumped on Jim’s lap so Jim could perform the spanking he did with Mayim in the scene. After getting frustrated with each take, Jim finally noticed that Mayim was a person and could be in pain. However, Andy was satisfied after two slaps on the butt.
Jim and Conan then surprised the audience when they picked one audience member to go with them to visit the Big Bang Theory film studio and receive a souvenir. It was only a minute away on a golf cart. Jim picked Judy Ramos from San Gabriel, Calif. She was visiting Los Angeles with her sister and was also having the greatest moment of her life, as she is an avid fan of The Big Bang Theory. At the Big Bang Theory studio and inside the apartment, they saw actor Simon Helberg who plays Howard on the show. Jim stole his t-shirt and gave it to Judy while Conan grabbed a beer from the fridge.
The Big Bang Theory airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. on CBS and Monday through Thursday on TBS.
British comedic actor Steve Coogan, from Tropic Thunder, and Our Idiot Brother, then came out promoting his new film Philomena which he co-wrote, produced and stars in. Steve is usually known for playing the jerk in movies. Steve agreed, as his head was blown off in the beginning of Tropic Thunder and he played as a miniature figure in Night at the Museum. Steve and Conan then had an idea of him being a superhero who suffers from alcoholism and a jerk. “Do what you’re best at,” Steve said.
Steve then randomly demonstrated his talented impressions of Sean Connery as James Bond and Sylvester Stallone in Hamlet.
Steve also described that he had to convince Judi Dench to play the lead role and tell her he was playing the journalist. Philomena is a true story about an Irish mother who comes to America to find her child after he was forcibly adopted and sent to the United States. Steve admitted for such a heavy subject, it has moments of comedic relief. Conan then showed a clip of Steve and Judi where she is telling Martin (Steve’s character) she is afraid her son will be obese. Steve then admitted that Europeans, after spending holiday in America, always come back home describing how massive the size of the food portions are. “There is either enough or not enough,” Steve explained.
Philomena which has received stunning reviews is playing in theaters now.
Young 23-year-old comedian Daniel Sloss from Scotland then did a quick stand-up. Daniel talked about everything from his young age, to old comedians banging young women, the issues with his parents for moving out, losing a phone versus losing a child, relationships and world’s best mom cups.
I thought he was good for a young comedian, adding an extra layer of energy to his jokes and also describing how mothers in Africa are the best moms because they walk 17 miles just to get water for their children.
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