By Anthony Vecchiarello
Nick Offerman and German ‘Workaholics’
Thursday night’s episode of Conan had on two-time Emmy award winner Megan Mullally from Will & Grace, Adam Devine from Workaholics and musical guest Lindsey Stirling. Conan O’Brien stepped out promising that the episode was going to be excellent, even though he says that during every show. Meanwhile, Andy Richter was Darth Vader force choking Conan from his podium.
Conan began his news roundup with politics. Conan announced that Vice President Joe Biden will be running for President in 2016. Audience members booed. Then Conan addressed that when Biden is president, he won’t know how to make a website. The current Obamacare website is a disaster. Contractors of the website testified in front of Congress. Whenever they were asked a question, Conan said, they froze. Conan then stood still for a minute.
Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel was infuriated at the U.S. National Security Agency for spying on her cell phone conversations. Angela said, “Spying among friends cannot be.” Conan added, Angela then introduced her friend Yoda.
In Mississippi, they’re building a Civil Rights Museum. More like, “The Museum of Not Good,” Conan replied.
Switzerland has opened sex drive-thrus to decrease the amount of prostitution. Conan explained that everyone’s favorite is the “Briefly Happy Meal”. “But you do get a toy,” Andy commented.
A teacher from Indiana was in trouble after taking his students to a strip club. Conan added the teacher was showing the chemistry between him and Hannah, a stripper.
A group of thieves stole 6,400 canned Heinz baked beans from a truck after the driver fell asleep. Conan assured the audience that the news was true.
Conan then introduced a couple of monsters in costume that are not as famous as Dracula, Frankenstein, or the Mummy. On ‘Lesser-Known Monsters’, The Creature from the White Lagoon walked out wearing a Country Club suit while holding a tennis racket. The next two costumes were Frankenstein’s younger second trophy wife and the Killer Clown with memory loss who forgot his costume, weapon and make-up. The last one was Frankenstein and his own monster creation which was an abomination; a creature with the head of a bull, fish and snake arms, and hooves as feet.
Next week on the show and web, Conan is celebrating his 20 year anniversary of being on the air. Vote for your favorite moments on the air at Conan said “it’ll be like,” and then showed a clip of an adult male taking a bath with his rubber ducky while farting and screaming for his mother. Conan laughed and said, “That guy is now doing Hamlet.” “He’s still screaming ‘mom’,” Andy replied.
Conan then did a Halloween Special of Clueless Gamer where he played and rated three horrifying first-person computer games after fans voted which game they wanted in an online poll. Conan alongside Aaron Bleyaert played and reviewed Slender: The Eight PagesAmnesia: The Dark Descent and Outlast. To immerse themselves in the games, they shut off all the lights. When Conan started playing Slender: The Eight Pages, he immediately had difficulty learning the controls on the keyboard. Aaron explained that Slender: The Eight Pages is about a slender man in the forest whose trying to kill you. The only way to stop him or survive is by collecting eight pages of documents. Conan joked the slender man is like his dad who used to chase him through the woods as a kid. After a few minutes of game play, such as walking around a forest with a flashlight searching for documents, Conan was not scared, but bored. Conan said the game is discriminating against tall and skinny people. When Conan tried to run by pressing [Shift] and [W], the character hardly moved. Conan said the guy must be fat and the game was probably made by Europeans. “Man, they blow sometimes,” Conan stated. When they saw the slender man in the distance, Conan tried to run but the screen went all white and his character died.
Conan then played Amnesia: The Dark Descent. This game won in the overall online poll. It is about a man named Daniel with amnesia waking up in a castle in 1839. Conan disagreed with the character having amnesia since he answered all three questions, “What is your name, where are you and what year is it? Aaron continued to explain that Daniel was a “dude henchmen guy” who tortured all these souls in the castle. Conan stopped Aaron and asked, “Did you go to college?” After a minute of scary thrills from menacing creatures and ghouls, Conan was dead in the game.
The last game they played was Outlast, which is about a reporter who gets stuck in an asylum after looking up several documents. As Conan controlled the player he witnessed disturbing dark hallways, dead decaying bodies and a lead painted Kitchen. Conan added that the lead painted walls reminded him of summer camp. Conan also commented on a headless corpse, “I guess he won’t make it.” The next part in the game, Conan had to escape or defeat an evil cannibalistic doctor who had no flesh and no pants. The evil doctor cut off the player’s fingers and then chased after him throughout the asylum hallways. The doctor first killed Conan after seeing him hide under a bed. Conan finally destroyed the doctor when he got stuck between the elevator doors. Conan then went behind the corpse of the doctor and zoomed in and out with his camera to look at his butt. “Now we’re making German porn,” Conan said laughing.
Conan then rated each of the video games. Conan disliked Slender: The Eight Pages and thought Amnesia: The Dark Descent was forgettable. However, Conan enjoyed Outlast the most. On his scale of bad being just a nonchalant “ah” to a good being a frightened reaction, Conan gave the game a confused, but scared reaction. Catch his other video game reviews at
Emmy award winner Megan Mullally known for Will & Grace then came out. Megan currently has supporting roles on TV shows Childrens Hospital on Adult Swim and Bob’s Burgers on Fox. Conan and Megan mostly talked about her husband Nick Offerman who appears on the show Parks and Recreation. Conan and Andy have known both Megan and Nick for many years. They hang out a lot. Conan also knows that Nick looks like someone who can build a canoe with his bare hands or wrestle a bear. Although Nick puts out a manly presence in public with his mustache and intimidating glare, he has a much softer side. Megan admitted that she and her husband constantly share ‘baby talk’. They own a few poodles and Nick has a childish giggle. Before they got married, Nick did not know how to smile or wear clothes. Megan said when they first dated he wore yellow overalls, tucked dinner napkins in his shirt and held forks like a tooth brush. Nick did not even hear about ‘The Beatles’ until he went to college. Megan and Conan said Nick grew up on a big farm. Regardless, Megan revealed her husband is romantic and very much in love with her. Nick is always writing her lovely cards. Her husband also gives her hilarious vulgar nicknames such as ‘legal property’ or ‘[beep] jar’.
Megan is also in a band with actress Stephanie Hunt called ‘Nancy & Beth’. ‘Nancy & Beth’ will perform at ‘Largo at the Coronet’ in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday, Oct 26 and at ‘Feinstein’s at Hotel Nikko’ on November 14, 15 and 16 in San Francisco, CA.
Then Adam Devine from WorkaholicsPitch Perfect and his new TV show Adam Devine’s House Party visited Conan. Adam’s fame has grown substantially over the last two years. He recently sang the National Anthem at Dodgers stadium. Adam and his friends all thought he would fail at singing so one of his ideas would’ve been to flap his dick out. Megan then commented, “You can put your dick in the ‘[beep] jar’.”
Conan then showed a clip of Adam singing the National Anthem where he sounded like a 60-year-old scat singer while creepily staring into the camera. Adam remembers the workers kept telling him to hit the notes in C Sharp. One time, a large group of young girl dancers provoked Adam to sing at the airport since he sang as character Bumper in the film Pitch Perfect. When Adam declined to sing, one of the girls in the group showed off her singing. Adam pretended to like it, but told Conan her voice was horrendous.
TV show Workaholics is now dubbed in Germany. When Conan and Adam watched a clip from the German version, they admitted it looked much serious than it actual is due to the thick and heavy German accents. Someone tweeted, “dare I say better” in German. For Adam’s new show Adam Devine’s House Party Comedy Central gave him a ton of money to throw a Stand-Up comedy show. Instead, Adam throws a huge celebrity house party, similar to the house party James Franco throws in This Is the EndAdam Devine’s House Party premiered last night at 12:30pm on Comedy Central.
Musician, artist and dancer Lindsey Stirling then performed a track from her self-titled debut album. Her performance was remarkable as it combined the violin with a Dubstep synthesizer and drums. Lindsey’s violin playing and dancing was as graceful and beautiful as a gazelle.
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