By Anthony Vecchiarello
Last night’s episode of Conan featured stand-up comedian and actor Louis CK as well as country music artist Thompson Square. Conan O’Brien began his humorous montage by poking fun at Bill and Hillary Clinton’s awful sex life.
Chicago has now surpassed New York City as being America’s “murder capital.” Conan thought that was an odd statistic since there are twice as many NFL teams in New York than in Chicago.
JC Penny’s has removed Wi-Fi internet connection from their stores to help save money. They will help save even more money next year, when they go out of business, Conan added.
Thirty pounds of cocaine was found on shore in Florida. No wonder why Diana Nyad swam so fast, Conan replied.
Conan explained that Kevin Trudeau, “King of Infomercials,” was thrown in jail after some money fraud. A contestant on Wheel of Fortune lost his chance of winning a million-dollar prize because he mispronounced the phrase, “Corner, Curio, Cabinet.”
Conan then showed a segment from Clueless Gamer, where he and Aaron Blair reviewed the popular video game Grand Theft Auto V. As Conan struggled with the gaming controls to get through the mean streets of Los Santos (mere replica of Los Angeles), his biggest concern became the Strip Club. After Conan got a lap dance playing as Franklin and Michael, he was kicked out by the Strip Club bouncers. Conan then tried to get himself back into the strip club by flying a chopper and shooting missiles directly towards it. It so happened that the bouncer Conan was trying to destroy had a grenade and wound up blowing him up instead. There is also a third character named Trevor. Check out all of the Clueless Gamer videos at
Next, Louis CK came on. Louis talked about how he’s fine with the way he looks. He meant that he feels great, but when he looks in the mirror, he’s saddened. Louis explained to Conan how he dislikes his fame because he cannot just go into a grocery store and enjoy the subtle things in public, such as parents screaming at their kids. Louis has two children of his own that he cannot stand. They’re two girls, ages three and 11, who do not care about what he does for a living. “I’m not here to make them happy,” Louis told Conan. Louis reiterated to Conan that he is raising grown-ups and giving them the tools to get them through a terrible life. Louis then shared his distaste for children owning phones and texting while driving. He believes that phones will keep kids from being polite because typing “you’re fat” on a website will be more amusing then saying it in person. Phones do not teach them about respect, Louis stated. Louis admitted that he as well as the rest of the world text while driving because everyone feels alone and needs substance to fit in. One time, when Louis was driving and not texting, he pulled over his car and started crying. Andy Richter sitting to Louis’s left replied, “how come you didn’t answer my text?” Louis said his sad experience was also beautiful. The experience somehow brought on so much happiness that in fact resolved his internal emotions. Louis then explained that phones do not eliminate the emotional problem, but let them linger.
Conan and Louis then swapped old stories from when they used to work together back when Conan first hosted Late Night with Conan O’Brien during the early days. It so happened that Conan recently had his 20 year anniversary of being a talk show host. Conan auditioned for “Late Night” when he was 29-years-old and started when he was 30. Conan then took out an old photo of him, Louis, Andy and Bob Odenkirk (now on Breaking Bad) dated back from the first episode of Late Night with Conan O’Brien on Sept. 13, 1993. Louis at the time was one of the writers for the show and was only 25 years old. Conan and Louis both remember how their show would constantly receive cancellation threats. Also, Louis and Conan’s friendship from the start was a bit rocky since Louis would call Conan “pussy” and make him do unfavorable skits on the show. One such skit was as a TV guide ad for rare coins that were so old, Conan said, “you can buy slaves.” The audience booed. However, Conan warmed up to Louis when he joined him to do a stand-up audition for The Late Show with David Letterman. Even though Louis felt more comfortable on stage alongside Conan, he still did not get the job. Louis recalled when he flirted with a young Gwyneth Paltrow while getting drunk at a Christmas Party. He wound up ruining his chances when he embarrassed himself on the stage at a dive bar by blowing his nose into a Trumpet.
Conan revealed that Louis is becoming more of an actor now that he has received numerous Emmy nominations for his show Louie. Louis told Conan he’s figured out how to act out sadness and happiness. He then blurted out random noises from his mouth, and Conan responded by doing the same thing. Louis then told Conan and the audience that his HBO special Oh My God is now on his website and being sold for $5. Louis continued to tell the audience that the special, shot in Phoenix, is funny and cheap. Conan then showed a clip of Louis posing as a tree from The Wizard of Oz during the first episode of Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Louis’s show Louie is currently up for an Emmy nomination.
Country band Thompson Square performed the song ‘Everything I Shouldn’t Be Thinking About’ from their newest album, Just Feels Good. Thompson Square had a Country Music Award (CMA) nomination for Duo Video of the Year. Their performance, which featured two lead vocalists (male and female) and numerous guitars, seemed to sound like a generic country song. Conan then complimented on the girls hair.
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