By Anthony Vecchiarello, 9/11/2013 

Ending Spoilers! 

If you been watching ABC Family’s The Vineyard all season long or just tuned into last night’s summer finale, then you probably finished watching the episode in tears or were aggravated by the controversial ending. Summer is coming to an end where some members of The Black Dog crew have a future in set while others are skeptical. 

Days after Katie comes back from New York, Luis is standing on the Ferris dock waiting and hoping for her return. Katie does in fact return, but not because of Luis, because of herself. Luis apologizes again saying he only slept with Jackie because he did not know that Katie had those feelings too. Katie continues to tell Luis they need some space. She is in a dark place and admits that a lot has happened during the summer. Luis then admits that Katie is the one he wants. “I love you,” Luis tells Katie. Katie does not say anything, but instead gives Luis a kiss on the cheek and walks away. 

Luis immediately tells Ben about what he said to Katie while they hit golf balls into the water. Ben thinks it is a bit too soon to say those three powerful words, but Luis is convinced he had no choice because of summer ending. 

The next morning, Katie and Jackie surf and talk on the beach. Jackie apologizes to Katie for her fling with Luis. Katie forgives her in an instant. Katie tells Jackie she regrets not being more upfront with Luis about her feelings towards him. “Luis is crazy about you,” Jackie replies. Then Katie reveals to Jackie that Luis told her that he loves her – they both giggle. 

Meanwhile, Cat and Ben are sitting together in Ben’s pickup truck watching the sunset. Cat tells Ben that they should get a place together on the island. Ben agrees. 

The next day, Jon and Emily are eating lunch along the harbor when Jon asks Emily, “Do you love me?” Emily blushes and does not give Jon a straight answer. Instead, Emily says she does have feelings for him, but does not believe that they can take their relationship any further post-summer, due to their busy lives and long distance commutes. Jon is not happy. 

At Natasha’s house, Sophi and Natasha’s relationship gets intimate. Daniel pays a visit. Natasha asks Daniel to throw her a party at her house. Since Daniel has become so accustomed to hosting parties on the island, he takes the offer. 

After Cat and Ben decide to move in together, they find a house along the beach and sign a rental lease for one year.

Luis visits Shawn at his house and sees him digging up plants. At this point in the summer, they’ve become close friends. Luis first apologizes about his brief affair with Jackie and then tells him he just wants to be with Katie. Shawn doubts that Katie will come back to Luis and tells him to focus his efforts on other women. Luis disagrees and believes that Katie will forgive him eventually. Luis then tells Shawn that he will stay on the island and work with Shawn and his father. Before Luis leaves, he tells Shawn to go after Jackie, since Shawn has feelings for her. 

Outside of a restaurant, Cat’s mother tells Cat that her uncle called her and is offering Cat a job in New York City at an art gallery. Cat tells her mother she just signed a lease with Ben to move into a house on the island. Cat’s mother believes she needs to take this offer in the city because it is her ticket off the island, a window into her future. Cat’s mother tells Cat that if Ben really loves her, he will let her go. What will Cat decide? 

Daniel’s party is in full swing at Natasha’s home. Everyone is dressed up – there are saxophone players, jazz music and limbo. During the party, Luis tries to talk to Katie, but their prior history only makes things awkward between them. Luis walks away in sadness. Cat apologizes to Luis for being disrespectful to Katie. Cat says she was only trying to look out for him. Luis accepts her apology, but not her friendship. Why? I do not know.

After the party, Luis apologizes to Jackie for everything that came between them. Jackie tells an emotionally-somber Luis that he needs to go after what he wants in life and hope things work out between him and Katie. Luis responds by telling Jackie to give Shawn a call in the near future. Jackie looks puzzled. 

Back at Natasha’s place, Sophi tells Natasha that she originally came to Martha’s Vineyard to get over a guy. Sophi explains her uncertainty. Should she stay on the island or move back to Miami after summer? Natasha persuades Sophi to stay on the island with her and to continue pursuing her musical career. 

At the house, Emily convinces Daniel to stay on the island and host or promote parties because he loves doing so. Daniel then tells Emily that she should give her relationship with Jon a chance. 

When Cat tells Ben she got a job offer in the city, Ben states she already made a commitment with him at the house. Cat explains it is something she cannot pass up. Ben begins to get upset and asks her if she’s either going to stay and commit to their relationship or bail out. Cat reluctantly says she will stay. 

Shawn bikes over to Jackie who is having trouble with her bicycle. Shawn reminds Jackie that they rarely saw each other this summer and that her bike looks old, but expensive. Shawn helps Jackie with her bicycle chain and they begin bike riding through town. 

On the dock, Jon sets up a “break-up date” for Emily. Jon invites Emily into the Black Dog shack which was where they first hooked up. Only this time, it is decorated with bright white Christmas lights and bulbs. Jon gives Emily a white rose and they kiss. They then share a toast to the fun memories they had this summer and to the end of their relationship. 

That night, Ben and Cat get their usual desserts at the Frozen Yogurt joint. Ben apologizes to Cat for not accepting her goals. Although, he feels bummed out, he knows it’ll be in Cat’s best interest to pursue her artistic talent in New York City. Ben even bids for Cat’s painting at the café and will hang it up in the house. They both agree to keep their relationship on hiatus and make out. 

Meanwhile, all of the housemates set up a camp fire. Katie asks what everyone wants to do after summer. Sophi is going to stay on the island with Natasha and work on her singing career. Daniel will go back and forth between the Vineyard and Boston promoting parties and clubs. Luis got a job with Shawn and his dad on the island. Jon chimes in and says he’ll come to visit Luis from time to time. Jon is going back to Providence, R.I. for medical school. 

Jon and Emily then go off in the distance to talk in private. Emily tells Jon she wants to try to make their relationship work. Emily then says, “I love you” to Jon as they hug and kiss. 

Katie approaches Luis who is sitting by the fire and makes him an offer that they can do anything together tomorrow for the last day. Luis smiles and thinks it is a brilliant idea. 

On the morning of the last day at the Vineyard, Katie, Jackie and Gabby go on a drive to the beach. Katie parks her Jeep on the sand and then talks about Luis. Katie admits to Jackie and Gabby that being on Martha’s Vineyard this summer opened her eyes, but did not necessary answer her questions. Regardless, it was still a more positive experience than a negative one. Katie, Jackie and Gabby decide to make a pact, that no matter where they are next summer, they will all come back to the Vineyard. All three of them put their hands in and hug. They will miss each other. 

At the Ferris, Cat says farewell to her mom and Ben. Cat and her mom give each other a warm and emotional hug. Cat thanks her mother for always being there for her. They both come to tears. Cat and Ben then share a final kiss. Ben tells her she has to follow her dreams. Cat walks onto the Ferris and leaves the Vineyard for good; Ben walks away never looking back. 

At the top of Martha’s Vineyard Lighthouse, Katie and Luis spend their last moment together. Luis puts his jacket around Katie. They both look out onto the sea overlooking a colorful sunset. “I can see till the end of the world,” Katie says. Luis takes out a poem from his jacket, which he wrote for Katie weeks ago. He reads it out loud to her. It is very romantic and heartfelt. Katie asks to keep it. They passionately make out. Luis then asks Katie, “Will you stay on the island with me?” The camera then zooms onto Katie’s face as the viewers wait for a response. Instead, the credits start rolling, and the show fades to black. 

We never know what she says as the show leaves us on a cliff-hanger. If there is a next season, will it reveal her answer? 

I think it is unfair to have such an abrupt ending. Fans probably wanted to know what was going to happen between Katie and Luis. 

It is believed that The Vineyard is entirely unscripted. However, I still have my opinions about it.

I enjoyed seeing the full story arc between Cat and her mother. That, to me, was the best part of the show. Their roller coaster relationship was the most realistic type. Jon evolved from a womanizing meathead to a caring gentleman. Jon wound up being one of my favorite characters. The addition of Shawn was a surprise. If there is a second season, they certainly should cast him as a show-regular. Sophi and Natasha were eye candy. Though, I felt, The Vineyard did not develop Taelyr’s story or personality. Gabby was also unfairly misused. It is a shame that Daniel never hooked up with a girl, unless he did off-camera. Jackie changed when she realized she needed to stop chasing after guys. Emily also changed from desiring a wealthy marriage to accepting a personable relationship. I enjoyed how Jackie’s mother was like a relationship “guru” who always gave meaningful advice. I also think Luis’s consistent desire for Katie was slightly over shot. But Katie, in my opinion, was great and deserved to have the starring role. 

The show as a whole slightly improved over the season, but still only remains to be a guilty pleasure. 

Wait next year to find out if ABC Family’s The Vineyard picks up for Season 2. I leave the final question to the fans and readers. Do you think Katie said “Yes” or “No” to Luis?

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