By Anthony Vecchiarello

Fans of ABC Family’s hit reality TV show The Vineyard, can get a glimpse into the world by hearing it from one of the cast members before seeing the season finale tonight.

Star of The Vineyard Katie Tardif, was nice enough to take a break from her busy schedule for a phone interview.

Katie graduated from Spring Field College in Massachusetts with a degree in business and economics. She grew up in Cutchogue, NY which is on the eastern northern tip of Long Island, near Orient Point. Katie currently resides in Brooklyn and works in New York City for business. She explained that her current occupation did not land her on The Vineyard. So Katie, how did you get on the TV show?

Katie Tardif: I got a part from recruiters on The Vineyard. I met someone down there that I did a small photo shoot for. The information was passed on. I was in New York, I got a call and they asked if I wanted to be part of the show. It all happened from there. My job in New York didn’t really have anything to do with getting the role, but it was actually from my job on Martha’s Vineyard when I was in school.

TCC: I never knew about Martha’s Vineyard being a summer getaway until the show began. What is the island like?

KT: It’s funny you say that. I came from eastern Long Island where you’re kind of stuck in your own bubble. Some of my friends (such as The Vineyard’s own cast members, Jackie Lyons and Gabby LaPointe) who live and work down there (Martha’s Vineyard) asked me if I wanted to come along. I said, ‘Yeah why not,’ do something different. It’s stunning and it’s really beautiful. You have the best of both worlds. You have gorgeous up island farms and bluffs that overlook the ocean. There are cool restaurant jobs, bars on the water and they have big shark tournaments every summer on the harbor. Like Long Island, it can be very touristy. It’s different than being on any other island because you kind of really get stuck in a bubble while carrying on with everything else going on. It’s so much fun.

TCC: Were Jackie and Gabby’s invitation to come to the island a direct result of you being on the show?

KT: They were a big reason. I’ve known them forever. Knowing that they had a part in the show, it’s obvious that yes, they defiantly told me to do it.

TCC: Can you explain more about Jackie’s mother, and her role on the show as a relationship “Guru,” someone you go to for advice?

KT: She’s an amazing person. I love just going over there aside from getting advice from her. I feel like I can tell her anything I want. There is no pressure. I feel very uninhibited. You can kind of speak and be open. She’s never one to really judge. We (as well as Jackie and Gabby) love going over there, hanging on her porch and relaxing. When we had the fight over the guy she said, ‘put your differences aside, this is friendship.’ She’s great to hang out with.

TCC: When the show first aired a lot of people disliked how the show was representing Martha’s Vineyard. Was that a struggle between the cast and the locals on the island?

KT: The locals on the island have a lot of pride and they wanted it to be represented in the best way possible. When you hear that a reality show is coming down to this ‘little perfect place’ in which they spend their whole life, I would be nervous too. But, I think once people saw how it was shot, they were pleasantly surprised. You’re trying to be considerate of everyone and give back to the local community by shopping on the island to help their economy. It can be a little intimidating because it’s such a small place to have a production company come on. I hope they got out of what we needed and if not, I don’t know what to say.

TCC: What was it like going through the day with a camera in your face constantly?

KT: It’s like being on a first date. It gets exhausting, but we had so much fun. You’re with your friends and you just have to keep it at the back of your mind. At first you feel very uncomfortable, but after a while, obviously, we’re hanging out and having so much of a good time. You forget that they’re around, quicker than you imagine.

TCC: Is the show scripted at all? Are scenes ever rehearsed or reenacted?

KT: No, there is no script, no reenactment. We’re only concentrated on our lives and the relationships we have. I think people are confused by that because there are reviews and recurring discussions about it.

TCC: Who did you get along with most on the show besides Jackie and Gabby?

KT: Daniel (Daniel Lipshutz) and I are very close. He’s like my ‘little brother.’ He’s so fun, so cool, and so easy going. We all became good friends. Sophi (Sophi Alvarez) and I were close too and obviously, Jackie and Gabby, and also Jon (Jon Franco). If you fit the twelve of us together in a house, it’s hard not to get close.

TCC: When the show is on, are you told to watch it? Do you personally watch it or go about your life?

KT: We’re not told to watch it or anything, but yeah I watch it [laughs]. We don’t have to do anything for it though.

TCC: Is it weird to see yourself on the television screen?

KT: Yeah, for the first couple of episodes it was very weird, but now I am like ‘oh The Vineyard is on I’ll just kind of watch it.’ But sometimes yes. I get used to it.

TCC: You usually jog a lot on the show. What is the type of music, songs or musical artists you listen to in your head phones when you’re jogging?

KT: I listen to a lot of electronic, techno and house. Also, sometimes hard rock when I seriously run. An acoustic guitar won’t take you to any drastic mile. This isn’t what I walk around to everyday, but I like Skrillex, Jay-Z, Stromae, Deadmau5, Kanye West and Nero. I recently started a website that I’ve put some music on, check it out here at

Katie was a bit shy about revealing the type of artists she listened to. It’s music she believes, that you don’t want people to know you listen to.

TCC: Will there be a season two? If so, will it be the same cast and/or in the same place?

KT: I sure hope there will be a season two. I would imagine if there were, they would have me on the island again. Honestly, I have no idea if everyone would come back. You know about as much as I do [laughs].

TCC: So you’re not sure about your future plans?

KT: Yeah, it’s all up in the air.

TCC: Can you give us and the fans any hints about the season finale or no?

KT: You asked me a very important question. I think that was the only thing I wasn’t supposed to say. No, it’s a great episode though and you’ll have to watch it.

TCC: What was your favorite moment of the show?

KT: Probably either the White House Party that Daniel threw or going Horse Back Riding on the beach with Luis (Luis D’Agostino).

TCC: Nothing like hanging out with Luis right [laughs]?

KT: Nothing like it [laughs]. The whole thing was amazing.

Remember to tune into The Vineyard season finale tonight 10/9c only on ABC Family.

Image from ABC Family