By Anthony Vecchiarello

Last night’s episode of Conan named ‘Double Vision Theater presents: 24 Angry Men’, began with Conan O’Brien twerking the audience in a similar style as Miley Cyrus, just with his clothes on. Conan and Andy Richter jazzed the crowd by saying that Comedic Legend and creator of The Dick Van Dyke Show Carl Reiner, comedic actress Cheryl Hines from Curb Your Enthusiasm, and musical guest Delta Rae were all in attendance.

Conan enlightened everyone when he said today was a Jewish Holiday, Rosh Hashanah, and the first day of the NFL Season. The football players will “start without their lawyers” Conan added. Also, Anthony Weiner had more trouble in the news when he got into a heated argument with a baker, because maybe “he brought his own Cannoli”, Conan said. A Chicago news anchor accidentally hung up on Oprah Winfrey during a live phone interview. Conan described that he is now survived by his wife and child. Andy then acted out what Oprah’s wraith would look like, the Darth Vader force choke from Star Wars. Conan continued to say that a five-year-old boy in China is the youngest person to fly a plane, now the only issue is landing it. A snake was spotted in a Texas Starbucks. Conan replied, “The snake was on a long line with the other snakes at Starbucks.” Tim Robbins was in the media after he was teaching about 800 prisoners how to act. But as Conan put it, those same 800 prisoners then escaped by digging up and then crawling through a hole in the jail cell walls. Steven Tyler was performing in Nashville, Tennessee when a local commented, “it was a treat to see Cher perform live.”

In light of the Congress Syria debates, Conan showed another side of how the politicians were handling the situation in a clip montage of them being overly thankful and pleasant. The new Iranian president, more moderate and humanitarian than the last, made several tweets about Rosh Hashanah. All of his tweets gave a warm welcome to the holiday describing his love for Jesus Christ, Larry King, circumcisions, Jewish writers on Conan, and bagels. Conan then showed a video fromJeopardy which demonstrated why Alex Trebek should stop hosting.

Then Conan and Andy began a comedic bit called “What am I Watching?” where they press the info button on the television remote. For example, when Conan put on Sons of Anarchy, the info said, “Gossip Girl for dudes.” TV show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo said, “Another reason why the North won the war”. Grey’s Anatomy added “Yes, it’s still on.” And finally, both the Teletubbies and Real Housewives of Orange County had the same description of “Overweight blobs running around to the delight of no one.”

Emmy award winner Carl Reiner, who wrote The Dick Van Dyke Show, appeared in Cid Caesar Invites You and the film The Jerk alongside Steve Martin, received a standing ovation from the audience when he made his introduction. Carl, who is 91 years old, immediately told Conan that he wanted the make-up artists in the dressing room to make him look 86. Conan explained that Carl was his inspiration for becoming a comedic writer when he would watch The Dick Van Dyke Show as a little kid. Carl described how he originally got involved in the creation of The Dick Van Dyke Show. It started when he wrote 13 episodes of a TV series called Head of the Family during a summer on Fire Island. It was going to be about a struggling comedic writer. Unfortunately, it did not work out until producers spotted Carl’s work and explained the show would take off if they found a better actor than him to play the role. They replaced Carl with Dick Van Dyke, and got Mary Tyler Moore to play Laura. Carl described her as having a beautiful ping voice with great gams. When Carl first spotted Mary Tyler Moore he grabbed her by the head like a puppet and moved her like a carnival claw machine. Conan replied, “Not allowed to do that anymore” as he shouted old-fashion slang such as “that gals got great gams!”

Carl was more than delighted to be in Conan’s presence and reassured the crowd that he is funnier than Johnny Carson because he has not said anything funny in three years. During Johnny Carson’s era on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, Johnny would give out gifts to the guests. A few of the gifts that Carl received was a red spotted tie with Johnny Carson’s initials ‘JC’ in yellow. As well as a space pen that is able to write upside down. However, Carl presumes he either was given the tie from Johnny Carson or stole it himself.

Carl and Mel Brooks have a long-time friendship where they sit, eat dinner and watch TV every night from 8pm to 10pm. Carl described they like to see who is on Conan, and enjoy the Bourne films as well as anything that includes the phrases “secure the perimeter!” or “get some rest”. Carl then stood up and sang an Opera with which he was doing for the first time since he chickened out years ago when he was on Tonight Starring Steve Allen. Carl’s Opera was well received by the audience, with Conan adding he has a career now. “I forgot to tape it,” Carl replied looking disapproved. Conan swore Carl turned into a Rabbi adding “we’ll get a copy”. The main reason why Carl was visiting Conan was so he can promote his iBook featuring years of old footage with Mel and a book he published titled, I Remember Me. There is a picture in each chapter and in the back cover Mel writes, “Crime and Punishment has always been my favorite book until now.”

Cheryl Hines, known for co-starring in Curb Your Enthusiasm, ABC’s Suburgatory and now her new Yahoo web series We Need Help, came out of the curtains looking sexier than ever. The first words that came out of her mouth were, “Also, I am 91 and a half and want to yodel.” Conan laughed and learned that Cheryl and Carl have a history after they both worked on the animated series Father of the Pride years before. Cheryl first met Carl when she was an assistant for Rob Reiner, Carl’s son. Carl sent Cheryl a box of cake, which she eventually ate. Conan pointed out that Cheryl was looking extra sexy and tan today. Her tan was a fake spray-on for the show she just came from and said if Conan wanted some she could rub him down in her trailer. Even though the tan makes you smell weird Cheryl warned, Conan admitted he naturally smells like that all the time. Cheryl was only star struck twice when she saw Oprah in person, and when she went to a VIP party with her friend Maria and saw Jay-Z. Maria had no clue who Jay-Z was. Conan then showed a clip from We Need Help where Cheryl and actress Rachael Harris play an exaggerated version of themselves. They struggle to get fame in Hollywood by attempting to make a sex tape with their assistant Max. The Yahoo web series premieres this Monday. Conan then got excited and yelled out more old-fashion slang such as, “look at the stems on her!” or “she’s got sweet gazongas!” and then referred back to a gal having great gams.

The last act was American folk rock band Delta Rae who performed the song ‘If I Loved You’ from their newest album Carry the Fire. The stage was light up with nice vocals, tangerines, drums, a keyboard and a ukulele. They will perform next week at Port City Music Hall in Portland, Maine. After the performance, Conan shook hands and hugged the band members. Then Conan let out a cat meow after hugging one of the females.

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