By Anthony Vecchiarello
Secrets Revealed!

Right after Cat got in Katie’s face, Katie tells Luis that she’s going to 
New York to end her long term relationship with Matt. Ben tells Cat she should have listened to him and stayed out of Luis and Katie’s business. Cat disagrees and storms off.This episode tonight called “Secret’s Out” was filled with characters revealing and hiding secrets.

The next morning at the Black Dog House, Katie tells Gabby and Jackie that she is traveling back to New York to tell Matt she has feelings for Luis and such. Daniel cleans up Sophi’s side of the room after finding out that Gabby is over. Daniel was hiding the evidence of Sophi still living at the house from Gabby. Daniel’s afraid that if Gabby found out then he and Sophi would have to leave, being forced to live on the streets of Martha’s Vineyard. When Jon and Emily enter Daniel’s room, they tell him that Sophi is on a date with someone. Daniel is not too thrilled.

That date surprisingly turns out to be female, a girl by the name of Natasha; nothing like seeing some girl-on-girl action while speaking Spanish to one another.

Ben tries to talk to Cat at her porch but she continues to act stubborn. When Cat’s mother comes outside, Ben and the mom have a deep discussion about Cat. Ben tells Cat’s mother he really cares for her and wants this relationship to work.

Luis reluctantly drops off Katie at the airport. He says he will give her space and time but in reality wishes she would just stay.

In the backyard of the house, Daniel reveals a secret to Sophi. Daniel tells Sophi he has feelings for her. Sophi outright rejects Daniel and says he’s not her type; it’s not him it’s her, blah. Daniel starts getting defensive. Daniel tells Sophi she needs to move out of the room so Gabby does not kick him out if she finds out. Sophi gets angry and walks away.

Back at the airport, Katie’s first flight gets cancelled and then the second one to New York gets delayed. She tries to call Luis.

Luis and Shawn are getting drinks at Martha’s Vineyard Chowder Company when Luis reveals to Shawn he had a one-night stand with Jackie and feels guilty about it. Shawn, who used to date Jackie and still has feelings for her, is a bit overcome with the news. When Luis plans to call Katie and tell her about Jackie, Shawn takes his phone away from him. Shawn convinces Luis they just enjoy the night and get plastered drunk. Katie leaves Luis messages.

The next morning, Jackie and Daniel get lunch when Jackie reveals to Daniel she hooked up with Luis. Daniel advises Jackie to tell Katie.

In a garden, Cat’s mother explains to Cat that Ben really cares for her and that she is going to need to make some minor sacrifices in order to be in the relationship with him. Cat agrees and goes to find Ben.

Luis and Shawn wake up hung over. Luis checks his phone to find five voicemails and missed calls from Katie. Luis gets Katie on the phone and tells her he needs to talk to her before she leaves for New York. With limited time to get to Katie, Luis begins to make a run for it.

Shawn bikes over to Jackie and her mom walking their dogs to tell Jackie what Luis told him last night about Jackie and Luis’s fling. Jackie’s mom convinces her daughter to tell Katie immediately before Luis has a chance to or else it will ruin their friendship. Jackie also begins making a run for it.

Cat finds Ben painting the dock and they reconcile. Cat agrees she needs to act less dramatic at times. Luis comes running onto to the dock asking Ben and Cat to borrow a boat. Cat calls one of Ben’s friends to lend them a boat.

At the beach, Sophi, Emily, Taelyr, and Natasha talk about Daniel. Natasha tells Sophi she could stay with her. Emily and Taelyr take a walk. Sophi and Natasha stay and make out on the sand.

Ben and Luis find a boat named “Cape Poge” and begin heading towards the mainland. As they take off from the dock, Jackie tells Luis to stop but Luis ignores her. Instead, Luis tells Ben to press on the gas.

Meanwhile, Jon and Emily spend some alone time in the water. Jon tells Emily he has never really been in a relationship before and is falling in love with her.

Luis eventually finds a distraught Katie sitting. Jackie called Katie and told her everything before Luis got a chance to say anything. Katie is disappointed and shocked to hear that Luis would do something like this and now expects her to end a four-year relationship with Matt. Luis begs Katie to take her back and that he was in a dark place. Luis came back for her. Katie last says she needs some time alone from Luis. Luis leaves the table feeling defeated.

Back on the shore, Daniel and Sophi talk. Sophi apologizes for being so cold during her rejection and reveals that she’s dating a girl. Daniel is the only person that Sophi has told thus far. They take a walk down the beach and become friends once again.

Back on The Vineyard, Luis tells Jackie that she crushed his world. Jackie says she had to tell Katie so she would not risk losing her friend. Luis turns around and walks down the dock with his head down. Jackie cries.

On the mainland, Katie takes the first Taxi and heads for New York.

What will become of Katie and Luis? Can Jon keep up with this “nice guy” persona? Will Sophi’s lesbian affair be unveiled and last?

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