By Anthony Vecchiarello


Cat blows up in Luis’s face when he tells her he’s leaving for Katie. Since his time on Martha’s Vineyard, Cat and Luis have become very close friends; Luis has been like a big brother to her. Luis says he can’t deal with someone who is two feet from his bedroom door. Luis walks away.As stated in just the episode title, “Player Beware,” Jon gets into some trouble with his “girls.” Luis, after sleeping with Jackie, realizes what he did was a mistake and decides he’s going to leave The Vineyard for good. Knowing that things will be awkward between Luis and Katie, his only option, in his opinion, is to bounce.

Meanwhile, Jon and Emily are having a discussion about Jon also seeing Jackie. In the previous episode, Emily explained how Jackie wanted to get with Jon. Emily hints to Jon that he should not be fooling around with Jackie. However, Jon eventually does get with Jackie without her knowing about Emily.

Knowing that Luis will be leaving, Cat puts in a good word for Ben with Gabby to take over Luis’s boating job due to his Coast Guard experience.

Luis takes Cat’s paintings and sells them at a local café. Soon enough they get framed and hanged up on the wall.

Sophi begins becoming a singing sensation on the island.

Eventually, Emily finds out from Jon that he slept with Jackie. Jackie also finds out about Emily. In a fit of rage, Emily literally and figuratively dumps Jon in the canal thus ending their brief relationship. Daniel then comes onto the dock to yell at Jon for being an idiot and a womanizer.

When Cat walks into the local café, she notices the two paintings on the wall which Luis kept and picked out of her garbage.

Ben talks to Gabby and gets Luis’s job on the dock.

Cat tells Ben on the beach that she feels bad for ending things with Luis on a terrible note. Especially now that Luis sold her paintings to the café.

That night, Jon, Emily, Jackie, and Luis go to a local party at one of the houses. Luis befriends Shawn, after he tells him about his sob story with Katie. Shawn tells him to move on and to stay on the island. Jackie and Emily talk and both realize they were both played by Jon. Also, when Jon has a small conversation with a cute local, Kristy, her boyfriend comes over and almost starts a fight with Jon. Surprisingly, Luis comes between Jon and Kristy’s boyfriend to stand up for Jon. Jon and Luis leave without any bruises and suddenly become friends. On the night before Luis has to leave, Luis and Jon finally bond.

I thought it was exciting to see Luis and Jon finally become friends, even though it is clichéd.

The next morning, Katie and Gabby finish setting up a wedding ceremony on the dock through the Black Dog. As Katie and Gabby watch the two couples give their vows, vows which reveal they met on The Vineyard, Katie admits to Gabby she made a mistake letting Luis go.

Back at the house, Luis packs up his bags and begins saying farewell to Taelyr, Emily, Sophi, and Jon, who’s playing Cornhole by himself, and Daniel, who is swimming alone. While inside, Katiewrites Luis a letter and puts it in a bag.

Luis begins his walk back to the ferry, while Katie goes for a run telling the others she already said her goodbye. While Luis sits on the ferry now leaving the port, his phone rings. He opens up the side of the bag to reveal Katie’s letter to him. We don’t know what she wrote but the expression on Luis’s face is of sadness. Apparently, Katie put the letter in Luis’s bag before he packed and went for a jog before Luis even left the house.

Next week, Jon attempts to get back with Emily. Also, a mysterious person makes a surprise visit to Katie’s room; watch The Vineyard on ABC Family, Tuesdays 10/9c.