By Anthony Vecchiarello


Back inside the house, Sophi fakes her moving out of the Black Dog House by moving all of her things into Daniel’s room. They decide to share the room together. Daniel suggests to Sophi he would set up a big event for her so she can 
sing.The morning after Luis’s departure, Katie is sitting alone in her room clenching her phone as it downpours outside. The first knock that Katie receives from her sliding door is Emily asking if she wants to eat breakfast with them, Taelyr is cooking. The second knock Katie receives is someone who won’t answer. Katie opens and surprisingly Luis catches her off guard and kisses her, Katie kisses back. Luis tells Katie he read her note which stated she had feelings for him and did not want him to go. Katie and Luis agree that eventually she will tell Matt about her and Luis. Luis tells Katie to take her time.

Jon apologizes to Daniel for the other day while they go fishing. Jon reveals to Daniel he has true feelings for Emily.

Luis then sneaks up behind Cat at The Ritz Café and tells her he finally hooked up with Katie. However, Cat does not believe that Katie will break up with Matt for Luis.

Daniel then goes to talk to Jackie at the General Store about setting up an all-white dress island party for Sophi. Jackie tells Daniel she can try to get Ben Taylor, James Taylor’s son to perform as well as Sophi. Daniel wants to do this for her because he has a crush on Sophi.

Katie asks Jackie’s mother for advice about telling Matt the truth. Jackie’s mom tells Katie to go with the plan. Katie continues to leave voicemails on Matt’s phone.

Jon tries to gain back Emily by setting up a “Forgive Me Emily!” sign on the beach with sea shells. Emily acknowledges it but won’t take him back.

At a backyard barbeque, Luis finds out that Gabby already sold his boating job to Ben. Jackie and Gabby notice Luis and Katie kissing. Jon rejects Jackie when she asks him to go on a second date. Later, Katie and Luis go horseback riding along the beach on their “first date”.

That night, Ben and Cat get Frozen Yogurt and finally make their relationship official as boyfriend and girlfriend.

The next morning, Jon and Luis talk about their girl status. Jon admits he’s becoming a hopeless romantic like Luis and Luis suggests that Jon keeps trying to with Emily.

Jon then takes Emily for a ride in a small boat along the channel. Jon and Emily put on sailing hats. Jon then puts a sparkling necklace around Emily’s neck, apologizes multiple times and asks for a second chance. Emily says yes.

Meanwhile, at the Vineyard Wines clothing store, Luis, Katie, Cat and Ben are all shopping for a white outfit to wear at the Island Party. Ben and Luis stop Cat from embarrassing herself when she tries to tell Katie to not play with Luis’s emotions since Katie still has not broken up with her current boyfriend.

During the all-white island party Daniel welcomes all the guests and sets up the stage for Sophi to perform. Jackie tells Gabby she’s going to tell Katie of her prior affair with Luis. However, Gabby tells her not to even though Jackie’s mother said the opposite. During Sophi’s song, Cat cannot get her eyes off of Luis and Katie. Ben tries telling Cat to stay out of it. Cat says Luis is her friend. After the performance, Cat tries to talk Luis out of seeing Katie. Luis disagrees and tells Cat if she causes drama it will ruin their friendship. After Sophi thanks Daniel for setting up the event, Sophi reveals to Daniel she met a guy, Daniel is upset.

As Luis and Katie walk out of the Mansion separately, Cat confronts Katie outside. Cat begins yelling at Katie for dating two guys at once. Katie says to stay out of her business and begins calling Matt. Luis then grabs Cat and says their friendship is over. Luis says Cat is being confrontational, naïve, and stubborn. Matt answers Katie’s call.

I disapprove of Cat’s interference. I think it is not her business and if she wanted to help Luis she should have done it in a more peaceful way. Does Cat have feelings for Luis other than friendship?

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