By Anthony Vecchiarello


The next day, Katie welcomes Elise, a close friend from home. Luis then takes Katie and Elise for a canoe ride in the bay for some pepperoni and wine.This episode of The Vineyard titled “Romancing the Beach” starts right off from when Jackie left Katie pissed off at The Flatbread Club. Katie then yells at Gabby when she arrives at the club for telling Jackie about the night she spent with Luis. Katie, Jackie, and Gabby stop talking to each other.

Gabby splits up Sophi and Cat when she overhears their constant bickering. Gabby decides to switch Taelyr, who is working at the bakery, with Sophi, who is working at the restaurant.

Jon’s parents surprise their son with a visit and also tell Jon at a dinner with a few others, including Emily, Sophi, Taelyr, and Daniel, that he got into Med school. Hooray for twelve more years of college, not.

Katie tries to apologize to Jackie during their shift at the General Store but Jackie does not forgive her.

Ben and Cat go on a surfing date but we are still unsure if they are a “couple.” Cat tells Luis that just because they kissed, it doesn’t mean they’re in a relationship. Luis and Cat stop by Cat’s mom’s house to get a few things when Luis discovers Cat’s artistic talent and chooses to keep one of her paintings that Cat threw in the garbage.

Cat and Taelyr quickly develop a bond when they discover they both share a similar past, both of their father’s died when they were children.

Back at the bakery, Sophi asks Gabby if she could sing at the Black Dog. Gabby says no. So then Daniel convinces Sophi to talk to Morgan, the owner of the Black Dog and get permission. When Gabby finds out about Sophi’s request to sing, she gives her an ultimatum. Either she sings for the Black Dog, quits the job, and leaves the house or does not sing, keeps her job, and continues to live in the Black Dog House. Sophi chooses to sing. Gabby then immediately tells her to move her things out of the house by the end of the week.

Jackie develops an early interest in Jon when he shows up to get Emily at the store. Emily and Jon talk about what they want out of their fling. Jon says it’s only for the summer but the viewers get a hint that Emily is developing feelings for Jon.

After hearing that Katie, Jackie, and Gabby are not talking, Jackie’s mother sets all of them up to visit her at the house simultaneously so they can talk it out. Eventually, all three of them hug and make up.

Cat and Ben invite Taelyr to a local softball game and tell Taelyr to “call in sick” from work. During the game, Cat flirts with one of the players named Ted and tells Taelyr to loosen up and be more social. Ben witnesses the interaction and looks displeased.

After the canoe trip with Luis, Katie, and Elise, Katie says farewell to her friend. Elise convinces Katie to tell Luis how she feels about him. Katie and Luis go for a walk on the beach. Katie asks Luis the unnerving question, “Do you have feelings for me?” Luis says he does but was holding back because of Matt. Katie then holds his hand and replies, “I have feelings for you too.” However, Katie says she cannot do this with Luis anymore, and they need space because she is very confused. Katie kisses Luis on the cheek and walks away, leaving him to ponder on the sand.

That night on the beach, Luis shows up on Jackie’s doorstep and apologizes for rejecting her. Luis tells Jackie he knows what it’s like to have his heart broken. They hug and suddenly start making out.

Watch next week’s episode when we see how far Luis’s revenge on Katie goes. What will come of Jon and Emily’s relationship? See it all unfold on ABC Family 10/9c.

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