By Anthony Vecchiarello


On the beach, Jackie tells Gabby Luis kissed her and that she is falling for him even though they never went on any dates or shared any romantic evenings. Luis is on the dock contemplating on how to tell Jackie he is not into her.
Tonight’s episode of The Vineyard leaves the characters from the morning after Luis’s surprise birthday party. Jon and Emily wake up inside the attic of the Dog House. The two manage to hide their affair from Luis who is playing with two dogs.

Daniel and Taelyr get weird vibes from Jon who won’t tell them who he hooked up with last night. Daniel shows up to the Dog House General Store to apologize to Katie for trying to set up Jon and her. Daniel than states that he thinks Jackie and Luis would make a good couple. Katie disagrees.

Jackie becomes more guy crazy over Luis when she talks to her mother about him only to find out that the Luis she’s been crushing over is “Katie’s Luis” as her mother puts it.

Ben and Sophi have a lunch date in which Ben tells Sophi he would take her to the open mic night at Flat Bread Club. Sophi wants to be a singer. Once Ben leaves, Cat approaches and threatens Sophi to stay away from Ben because she is looking out for Ben’s interests. They have a dispute.

Jon and Emily continue to hide their affair by avoiding to give Jackie a car ride and instead go off to fool around.

Luis and Cat chat about each other’s issues, with Luis having to talk to Jackie and Cat trying to talk to Ben. Luis agrees to be honest with Jackie while Cat is convinced she pulled the right strings for getting Ben back.

Just before Ben sets off on a boat trip, Sophi dumps him and tells him they should not hang out anymore because Cat is psycho and there is too much drama between all of them. During the boat ride, Ben’s friends convince Ben to give Cat another chance. Apparently, over the past few days, Cat has been sending Ben numerous text messages to have a talk. Ben decides to text Cat back.

Luis finally tells Jackie he only wants to be friends and they leave their conversation on a positive note. However, the moment Luis walks away, Jackie starts crying.

Later that day, Luis and Katie have a picnic together on the beach and eat lobster. They wind up spending the night and sleeping next to each other but nothing happens. Katie wakes up the next day and returns to the Dog House to receive a bouquet of flowers from her long lost boyfriend Matt. Katie tells Gabby she slept on the beach with Luis and feels bad even though it was all innocent.

That night, Katie, Sophi, Jon, Daniel, Emily, and Taelyr go to Flat Bread for open mic night so Sophi can perform. Sophi does so successfully with a Latin tune called “Assisted Amore.” Meanwhile, Gabby and Jackie are having dinner at a seafood restaurant when Jackie gets the truth out of Gabby that Katie and Luis slept on the beach. Jackie in a rage leaves the restaurant and heads to the club.

Somewhere in town, Ben and Cat reunite. Cat tells Ben she is willing to fight for him if he will do the same. Ben comes close to Cat and they make out.

When Jackie gets to Flat Bread, she drags Katie outside and starts yelling at her. Jackie says that if Katie knew she liked Luis than she should not have slept with him on the beach. Katie tries to calm Jackie down and says that it meant nothing, they’re just friends. “I just can’t take you seriously,” Katie adds. Jackie furiously tells Katie to screw off and drives away.

What are your thoughts? Do you think spending the night with a friend of the opposite sex would be signs of cheating even without it being a sexual act? Will Katie and Luis get together? Find out next week when trust is broken, and when rejection and revenge comes hand in hand. Only on ABC Family at 10/9c.

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