By Anthony Vecchiarello


Jackie brings up the idea to throw Luis a surprise birthday party to Katie. Jackie tells Katie to distract Luis by taking him out. Emily chives into the conversation and says she will help Jackie find a good place.On tonight’s episode of The Vineyard, situations became more dramatic. The morning after the bonfire, we find out that Ben and Sophi slept together in the Black Dog House.

Cat goes home to yell at her mother for telling other people Ben’s secret. Cat’s mom says she did not tell anyone. Cat does not believe her and walks out.

Jon and Luis almost start another fight over Katie at the docks until Gabby comes and tells them to stop.

Continuing to ignore Luis’s warnings, Jon takes Katie to a scenic view of the island and apologizes. Jon and Katie start over as friends. That very night at a club, Jon tries to kiss Katie. Katie pulls away in an awkward moment of rejection and leaves a voicemail on Matt’s (her boyfriend’s) cell phone.

The next day, Ben takes Sophi on a boat tour around the island. When Ben goes to pick Sophi up from the Black Dog Tavern, he runs into Cat who thinks he came to talk to her. During the boat ride, Ben reveals to Sophi that he used to hook up with Cat and that it is complicated between them. They have a history.

Katie finds Luis and tells him that Jon tried making out with her the night before. Katie explains to Luis that Matt hasn’t returned her call and that she is confused. Luis tells Katie she deserves better.

Katie then visits Jackie’s mother for some relationship advice on her boyfriend and Luis.

Cat’s mom visits her daughter on break and tries to rekindle their relationship. The mom notices Cat is distraught over Ben and insists on saying again she did not tell anyone the secret. The mom hugs and tells Cat she loves her.

Emily and Jackie decide to have the surprise birthday party on one of the sailboats along the harbor. As they all begin setting up the event, Katie takes Luis to a lighthouse for a private picnic as a diversion. Luis, who majored in English, admits he will write a poem about Katie. Katie hands over Luis’s favorite cupcakes. Katie and Luis head back to the harbor.

Everyone from the Black Dog House successfully surprises Luis which turns into a positive celebration. Luis jokingly thanks Daniel for putting up the pink confetti and then shakes hands with Jon. Jon and Luis take a break from their rivalry. Jon apologizes to Katie and accepts her as a friend. Sophi shocks Taelyr when she says that Ben and Cat used to be friends with benefits and that Cat hates her. Jon immediately makes moves with Emily as they both go off into the distance and leave the party. Cat warns Luis to be careful around Katie and that the surprise birthday party was all Jackie’s idea. Luis walks up to Jackie to thank her when Jackie suddenly kisses him on the lips. Everyone, including Luis, is surprised with their eyes open wide.

Next Tuesday, relationships get more defined as hidden truths are revealed. Watch it on ABC Family August 6 at 10 p.m. ET/CT.

This episode was boring and was just a set up for something major to occur in the story line. After watching this show, I do not expect for it to last much longer. Laguna Beach had a cult following that was during a time when those shows were popular. Now they’re kind of outdated. And this show, in my opinion, is just a cornier version of that.