By Anthony Vecchiarello

This episode titled ‘Goodfellas 2: Betterfellas’ opened up with an angry like mob crowd cheering as Conan O’Brien came out of the curtains. Conan and Andy Richter revealed that Harrison Ford, Donald Faison, and comedian Kurt Braunohler were the guests on the show. Conan’s news recap began with Mayor Fillmore of San Diego not being served at Hooters because he is disrespecting women at the office. Also, immigrants coming from Mexico are memorizing phrases to be let into the country; the most famous one used Conan said is, “Hola yo soy un Canadian.” Toluca, Oklahoma has the lowest income in the nation but according to Conan, “nice try, but I’m still not moving there.” The NFL is hiring a mother of three to referee, Japan created Pepsi flavored Cheetos and there’s now a computer that can tell jokes. She must be “used to giving out timeouts” Conan added. And as Conan put it, a computer will never make women feel as uncomfortable as he does.

Conan then showed a clip montage of what is actually the top news story; several news station anchors all saying, “a child’s happiness is priceless especially on a Birthday.” The camera then went onto a few selected people in the audience as a comical tune was sung.

The audience really cheered when Harrison Ford made his appearance. In such iconic roles as Indiana Jones and Han Solo, this time Harrison was promoting his new film Paranoia, opening this Friday. Conan asked Harrison what everyone wanted to know, what was it like shooting Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues? While nervously rubbing the chair, Harrison responded that he was confused about the type of comedy it was since he never saw the first Anchorman film. Harrison went to explain he did things on set he’s not sure about and have not done before. When Conan asked him what it was like working with Will Ferrell, Harrison calmly replied, “he’s insane, everyone who works there is really insane. They don’t care about anything except the joke. But I don’t know what the joke is.” Harrison only filmed for one day. Related to Anchorman, Conan lifted up a Ron Burgundy like photo of Harrison Ford in the late 80’s of him with thicker hair and a thick long mustache. Andy commented saying that is a photo when Harrison used to be Glenn Fries Food Taster. All three of them laughed.

Conan then bribed Harrison for $1000 to tell them about the new Star Wars movie. Harrison yawning took the bait as the audience screamed and said, “A long time ago, in a place far far away. I don’t remember the rest.” Andy replied “it’s a galaxy far far away.” Then Harrison added nonchalantly, that he thinks they’re supposed to be doing another one. Conan laughed and said he’s going to need that money back that he stole from Andy’s dressing room. Harrison replied no and added he only visits Conan for the money, so that his love is only for staying home.

Harrison then went on to talk about his past and how he got started. Harrison was originally contracted under Columbia Pictures for only $150 a week. His first role was as a Bell Man in a hotel who lines were, “Paging Mister Jones.” Harrison was told by his talent agent that he was never going to make it in the business because he did not have the “it” factor. Low and behold 15 years later Harrison would become a movie star and would not be able to recognize his former agent in the crowd. Conan then showed a montage clip of Harrison’s technique of acting, it was several of his films in which he furiously points at people and objects.

Paranoia with which Harrison was now discussing was going against The Smurfs 2, in which his last movie he promoted on Conan, Cowboys and Aliens, was going against the first Smurfs movie. When Conan said Cowboys and Alien Harrison shrugged and said, “Oh Jesus.” Last time, Harrison was on Conan’s show he ripped off the head of a Smurf’s doll in a rage. This time the computerized demonic Smurfs were swirling around Harrison’s head. The clip from Paranoia is with Harrison and Liam Hemsworth after getting out of a luxury car. In the scene Harrison’s head is shaved. Harrison explained he came to the movie set with a shaved head since his hair was already short from his last movie and had not told anyone.

The second guest, Donald Faison walked out onto the floor dancing. Donald who is known forScrubs was promoting Kick Ass 2. Donald left his smart phone on Conan’s desk after saying his wife could be going into labor at any moment. However, under the circumstances Donald’s wife still wanted him to attend the Conan interview. Conan then showed a photo in which Donald photobombed Tom Cruise, which means to ruin the quality of a photograph. Donald was afraid of Tom going after him, but he was fine. Donald then added he started acting at twelve years old doing a Folgers commercial in which his brother comes home from war and somehow decided to learn how to make Folgers coffee. The outdated, sincere, and comical commercial was then shown. Donald said he had to say his line, “you had been away awhile”, about 60 times. Conan then showed a clip from Donald’s new movie Kick Ass 2 where he helps out Kick Ass as superhero Doctor Gravity.

The last act was comedian Kurt Braunohler, who had a short and awkward skit about Instagram, Facebook, and Tourette’s syndrome which I did not think was funny at all. It is usually hit or miss with Conan’s final act. Regardless, watch Conan Monday to Thursday 11/10c on TBS.