By Anthony Vecchiarello

Jennifer Aniston, Paul Scheer and Twenty One Pilots

Thursday night’s Conan opened up with a dazzling introduction. The crowd chanted “Conan” as host Conan O’Brien came out onto the floor doing his signature “cat dance” then pointed to Jimmy Vivino & the Basic Cable Band who played the show’s jingle while Andy Richter the announcer, was faced down head first on his podium. The music ceased as Conan began his monologue. Jennifer Aniston, Comedian Paul Scheer and band Twenty One Pilots were to all make an appearance. From the beginning, Andy and Conan told the audience and viewers at home that tonight’s show was going to be so good “it’s scary.”

While cracking jokes and telling the news, Conan revealed that the Secret Service are now looking for suspicious tweets, the number of people speaking other than English in America have tripled in the last 30 years, and American Airlines were rude to a mother breast feeding her child because the baby used as Conan joked “two teeth.” Meanwhile, Conan expressed that a Colorado man wants to turn marijuana into a vegetable and Andy explained that a scientist figured out how to turn coffee grounds into alcohol. Also, apparently a woman gave birth at a Subway, Conan said while awkwardly gesturing with his tree-like arms.

Conan and Andy then did a skit that showed what their next episode would be like if they followed the same trailer formula as Mad Men and Game of Thrones. It was overly dramatic and ended with Conan kissing a stuffed puppy.

A next clip was shown about Clueless Gamer, where Conan reviews some of today’s hottest video games and consoles even though he reminds us that he does not like, play, or is not very good at video games, but does not care. Alongside Aaron Bleyaert, Conan has already reviewed video games on the Xbox 360 such as Tomb RaiderHitman: AbsolutionHalo, and many others. This time, Conan and Aaron reviewed video games on the Atari 2600. These classic 70s and 80s throwback games included CombatMissile CommandGolfRiver RaidPitfallSpace Invaders, and hailed as one of the worst games ever E.T.. All of these video games were critiqued by Conan to having terrible graphics, bland blimps, and fantastic sound affects (said sarcastically). However, Conan thought that Space Invaders still holds up and that the Atari 2600 console looks like a George Foreman grill and a game manual “smells like Stevie Nicks”. Conan then gave E.T. a rating of Men at Work which to his standards is between a good rating of A Flock of Seagulls and a bad rating of Duran Duran. You can catch all of Clueless Gamer videos on Team Coco.

There were loud roars when Emmy winner Jennifer Aniston stepped out. Jennifer known from FriendsHorrible Bosses, and Marley & Me was promoting her new movie We’re The Millers. The moment Jennifer sat down between Conan and Andy she handed Conan a half a dozen of fresh eggs from her farm. Jennifer and Conan then reminisced the first time they met when they got lunch together with Lisa Kudrow back in 1994 just before the premiere of Friends.

Jennifer stated that her first impression of Conan was that he was really tall and had red hair. Later on, Jennifer went to explain the Friends Reunion Hoax and that she was never supposed to be Rachel on Friends. Then for promoting the movie We’re The Millers Jennifer described she had to kiss a young actor and had to perform an uncomfortable lap dance on set. Jennifer was not too fond of the lap dance and does not get turned on by male strippers. A clip from the movie is shown of her and actor Jason Sudeikis about to swing with another couple as the wife touches Jennifer’s breasts. After the clip, Conan and Jennifer discussed how women are more comfortable with their sexuality than men, “well maybe my girlfriends,” Jennifer added. Conan replied with a snarl, “I like to hang out with you guys.”

The second guest was comedian Paul Scheer, who has produced Human Giant, currently appears on The League and stars on the show NTSF:SD:SUV on Adult Swim which airs Fridays at 12:15 am. Paul had just come back from a Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, and New Kids on the Block concert with his wife. Paul admitted to Conan that the performances were like a bunch of dads trying to act cool and hip again. Donnie Wahlberg was French kissing girls on stage and at some point all of the boy bands were just dancing to random people’s music. Conan laughed and said that is equivalent to Andy and him dancing to the Bee Gees. Paul then went on to explain how raunchy Family Feud has got over the years where the word “schlong” was used in the survey. Paul then talked about his show NTSF:SD:SUV where he wanted to be an action star, but immediately regretted it once he was getting beat up by Lorenzo Lamas during a scene. Conan had the same problem with Chelsea Lately who slapped him painfully for 65 takes during a naked shower scene. All of this was shown in two comical clips.

The last act was a musical performance by Twenty One Pilots, an up-and-coming alternative rock band. The song they performed “House of Gold” is on their new album Vessel. From start to finish it was a flawless performance that included a ukulele, drums, and three mannequins.

Catch Conan next Monday 11/10c on TBS for two new mystery guests and one musical act.