The recent Windows Phone 7 commercial features a number of people using a phone and being completely out of touch with their surroundings or the moment in which they are in. The ironic and somewhat comical aspect of this ad is that it shows the negative effects of what phones have done to society even though their selling one. Throughout the minute commercial, a classical ballot is being played. It’s a commercial about a commodity that serves to distract us from the creativity and artistic ability. It shows the stereotypical life of the middle class person. A dad unable to have a successful catch with his son, someone unable to enjoy the excitement from a roller coaster, a wife unable to look at the man she’s going to marry, a scuba diver not realizing that a shark is approaching or a mother not paying attention to her baby, to name a few. Essentially, the commercial uses the line, “It’s time for a phone, to save us from our phones.”

           When I think of this quote, it makes no sense. Why or how would a phone make it better than the phones we already have? The commercial even uses a baby towards the end because they’re a vulnerable audience. The ad also mentions that the phone would get people back to life. Wouldn’t people be back to life if they just put the phone away? What bothers me is that the media is trying to say that they created this problem and they’re willing to fix it by making more media. This is a paradox.
           This ad is in better shape than most TV shows. The company spends more money on the marketing than the actual phone. It’s a way to get the young generation involved with future media consumerism. The idea that a baby has a phone makes me sick. People are beginning to lose touch with the world because the things that we now focus on have no real meaning to life. I disagree with what this commercial says. People need to learn to take in the natural environment around them and to stop worrying about a technological commodity that will probably only last for a year. I’m on the side of the people who say “really” from the commercial and think that those characterized people are morons because they can’t see past a small screen. Such a commercial as this demonstrates a society that lacks human emotion and expression.