Since the discussion in last class’s lesson, I have walked home, checked my text inbox on my cell phone, listened to my iPod, went on Facebook, listened to my music on iTunes, and watched a Football game on my television. It always seems that after a Howard Good class, I want to rid myself of all media elements or technology devices. His arguments on these negative social needs make for a perfect reason to be without.
However, once I go home and relax on my recliner or sofa, I just want to watch some TV. If there’s nothing on TV then I’ll play a video game. I usually enjoy either playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Resident Evil 5, NHL 2K8, and Red Dead Redemption on the PlayStation 3. I basically look at a screen and press buttons but when I play it’s as if I’m part of some adventure. In Red Dead Redemption, I enjoy galloping my horse throughout the old western terrain of the games setting. In Resident Evil 5, I face hordes of monsters/infected people and knock them down with all sorts of human powered weapons. In Modern Warfare 2, I experience realistic mission scenarios and work with my friend to get through the level and survive. In NHL 2K8, I play an intense hockey game with my friend and watch as the puck continuously is manipulated by both teams.
Whenever I then give myself sometime to do work I’ll usually play songs from my laptop, and then go on Facebook as a distraction. On Facebook, I’ll check for updates and look at posts on the home page. After about a minute I realize why I wasted anytime on this website and decide to close the window. Many times I don’t really know why I’ll go on Facebook. Maybe because it’s socially popular or because I’m extremely bored and don’t want to do the assignment. Even as I write this, I’m listening to ‘Carry On My Wayward Son’ by Kansas.
            Once in a while when I’m doing work on the computer my cell phone will vibrate and I will read the text message. This in its self is a major distraction because I then get caught up on a small conversation via texting. However, I’ve learned that I get more out of someone when I speak to them on the phone.
            In one of my classes, I had to get sources for a story topic and the only way to do it was by finding the number online and then calling the place. I spoke to the people for a bit and got a lot of good information. Just by hearing the person’s voice, I could tell how they were reacting to my requests.
            One thing that bothered me was when I looked at news updates on the yahoo website. I breezed through 36 articles and only 2 of them were important and had no means of entertainment. Each article was either on celebrities, sports, jewelry, snacks, movies, TV, real estate, restaurants, travel, computer software or cars. It’s sickening that media has such a majority in the news today.